A Day in the Life...

Greeting A Real-life Trash Man!

Owner Marvin Nisly was substituting for the regular driver one Thursday in June and he pulled up to service a customer’s trash container. Aubrey came running out with her mom to see the trash truck...

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Jeff in Haven

Jeff in Haven One Tuesday, our driver Jeff was servicing the trash in Haven when two boys ran out with their mom to say hi. These boys were also very interested in Jeff’s trash truck....

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Company News

Local Hero Honored

“What is lying in the ditch up ahead?” This was the first thing that ran through Jacob’s mind when he was driving one of his rural Kingman County trash routes a few days before Christmas....

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Small Business of the Year Award 2018

Reno County/Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce Nisly Brothers is grateful for each of our customers! Your support and loyalty is integral to our success. At the annual chamber meeting on February 11, 2019, we were awarded...

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Customer of the Month

Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.

November 2021 – Customer Of The Month Brown’s Shoe Fit Co’s first store was opened in 1911 by Mr. Brown, and now has 75 locations. The Hutchinson branch opened in 1973. For almost50 years, it...

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The Traveling Bowl

The Traveling Bowl began as a food truck in June 2017. The owner, Gina Emel, has a degree in supply chain management from KU and grew up around the restaurants that her parents started. This...

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Character Traits


Character Core of The Month All humans crave respect. Respect is about dignity, about our worth as people. The desire for respect is ingrained in us. No one likes feeling put down by other people...

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Teamwork: July 2021 Character Trait

Pride and teamwork repel each other like water and oil. Pride says, “I don’t need you. I know that I could do that better. My ideas and perspectives are better than everyone else’s!” Teamwork says,...

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Community Partnerships

Carolyn’s Free Coffee

Many of the Nisly Brothers Team love coffee, and we love our community even more. This led us to becoming a sponsor for free coffee and tea at Carolyn’s Essenhaus in Arlington, KS. Every year,...

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Nisly Brothers is happy to announce that we will be participating in the Touch-a-Truck in Halstead, KS on May 1, 2021. We enjoy interacting with our community and children in such a personal way. Children...

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We Keep You Looking Good

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