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Are you planning a party, a festival, or some other event? Good for you! We know you do well with planning a great event. Now our goal is to keep it great. Limited or dirty toilets can quickly turn the best of situations sour. Whether you are an event planner or a construction site manager, we are intent on assisting you in keeping your people happy. Obviously, providing sanitary and classy toilet facilities is one way to do this.  We offer everything from classic and elite portable units to u-tow trailers and handicapped-accessible toilets. We even have a luxury portable toilet that is so fancy your guests will certainly forget they are in a portable unit. Learn more about our portable toilet rental options by browsing our different categories below.


From a Satisfied Customer…

“Very few businesses these days still believe in making customers feel valued as opposed to making people feel like just another “account” or number. Nisly is one of the few. They have a way of making you feel like you’re special to them and that you’re very valued and appreciated and they go out of their way to accomplish this with everyone they have the pleasure of being in business with. I invite anyone needing services that Nisly offers to give them a try. You’ll see in a very short amount of time that what I’m saying is reality and you’ll never choose anyone else again. 5 star rating without question or hesitation.”

–  Justin