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Responsible care for the environment is a whole community effort and recycling is part of that.  We make recycling easy, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Residential recycling service
residential recycling services near south hutchinson
Recycling cart wind latch

95 Gallon Carts

with Nisly Wind Latches!

We offer residential recycle carts customers can wheel to the curb for bi-weekly or monthly service. Our recycle carts are standard 95-gallon poly carts that are commonly used in residential trash and recycle service. As part of each customer’s quality recycle service, each recycle cart comes equipped with a Nisly wind latch. Our wind latches are designed to make our customers’ lives easier by keeping the lid closed and preventing blowing trash.

Our recycling service is single-stream recycling, which we offer as an option to our trash customers. For more information on exactly which items our system can accept as recyclables, see the detailed lists below.

Recycling Quick Guide

For printable instructions on our single-stream recycling program, please download our Recycling Quick Guide.


Some recycling systems can accept the blue plastic “recycling” bags; however, our system cannot accept ANY plastic bags. If you would prefer an alternative to bags, we recommend collecting your items in cardboard boxes.

Acceptable Items

  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Aluminum and tin cans
  • Plastic recyclable containers with a recycle symbol from 1-7 (emptied and triple-rinsed)
  • Paper: newspapers, office papers, books, etc.
  • Cardboard (unless it is contaminated with food waste)

Non-Acceptable Items

  • No Styrofoam
  • No Food waste (e.g. cardboard pizza boxes with grease)
  • No Yard waste
  • No Shredded paper
  • No Aerosol cans
  • No Batteries and electronics
  • No Oil and paint cans
  • No Ceramics
  • No Mirrors, windshields, light bulbs, or window glass


  • Please do not bag or bundle recyclables. Simply place them into the recycle container. (Feel free to collect your recyclables in cardboard boxes.)
  • For residential curbside pickup, place your cart beside curb by 5:00AM.
  • Recycle bins are only for recyclables and not for trash.
  • Include only containers with a recycling symbol of 1-7. (Label on lid shows number.)
  • Empty and triple rinse recyclable plastic containers.
  • Remove caps, lids, and rings from bottles
  • Labels do not need to be removed.
  • Recyclables do not need to be sorted unless the recycle bin is reserved for a specific type of recycling only.
  • Please flatten cardboard boxes before placing them into your bin.
  • Recyclable Paper must be clean and dry.

Still have questions? No problem! Call or text our office (620) 662-6561 and we’ll be happy to answer your specific questions.

Nisly Rewards For Recycling

We partner with local businesses to offer Nisly Rewards for Recycling as a program for our customers to earn rewards for their recycling efforts. Just by logging your recycling, you become eligible for rewards at businesses all across town.

If your business wants to advertise on this platform, call our office (620) 662-6561.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Karen Koehn

So glad that Nisly continues to offer a recycling program. You recognize the long-term benefits of reducing, recycling, and reusing. Drivers are friendly, respectful, timely, and dependable.

Koehn Karen

Ann L Nedich

James delivered my recycling container. He was friendly, informative, & efficient. I’m very glad Nisly is doing recycling service again. It’s very difficult to do it myself, but I feel it’s too important to stop. Thank you!

Ann L Nedich

Carrie Czirr

Great job

Carrie Czirr

Kayla Allen

James is a great driver and very nice!

Kayla Allen

Delight Phillips

Nisly Brothers is a great company. We’ve had them for several years, for both refuse and recycling. They’ve always been dependent and never let us down. They operate clean equipment and trucks and the men are always friendly. Holly, in the office is a real sweetheart. I’d like to think of something bad to say, because I hate giving 5 star reviews. I just can’t think of anything. If you ever have a problem with a cart, they quickly replace it. As long as I can remember, everyone has been happy with their service. It was a disappointment when the city discontinued recycling and I was happy when Nisly started up the service in the area again. Kudos to them for doing that. Many of us want to continue recycling. I’ve been doing it for the past 42 years and it just doesn’t feel right not doing it.

Delight Phillips

Leisa Martens

Very pleased with our service and with our friendly driver.

Leisa Martens

Kathy Murphy

I am a new customer. All of the interactions with employees have been favorable. The office staff, the person that brought my cart, and the driver Jeff. On 2 occasions Jeff went out of his way to make sure my cart was dumped. Everyone has been friendly.

Kathy Murphy

Jane Wagoner

After Newton terminated city recycling, I was very happy that Nisly Brothers was available to use as an alternative service. I have appreciated the communication offered from Nisly restarting up with their services, as well as ongoing emails and updated information.

Jane Wagoner

Amy Schmidt

We had our first recycling pick-up today after our city canceled ours. I had the Nisly trash can full of recycling, as well as, the old recycling one from our city.
They agreed to dump both this first time! I appreciated this so very much!!

Amy Schmidt

Rebecca Barrett-Fox

I am a brand new customer. I put in an online request for service, and the process was straightforward and easy. Within a few days, my new recycling bin arrived and was placed in a location where I couldn’t miss it. Very happy with services so far.

Rebecca Barrett-Fox

Randy Rice

Just starting your recycle service in Newton. James dropped off our container and was very polite and spoke very highly of Nisly Brothers. He indeed seems proud to work there. We look forward to being able to have your service and continue recycling. Thank You, Randy & Susan Rice.

Randy Rice

Christopher Easley

Met a Nisly driver, James, for the first time today as he dropped off my new tan recycling cart. He was very gracious and kind. He pulled the cart to the top of the hill for me. Prompt; I just signed up yesterday.

Christopher Easley

Tina Bulington

Arthur is a great service oriented driver. We appreciate his demeanor as he always comes in the office with a smile. No matter what the weather or how long of a day he has had, he consistently serves us with a wonderful attitude!

Tina Bulington

Stephanie Bell-martinez

We love that you were able to accommodate our needs! We recycle a lot more than we have trash! Thank you for working with us!

Stephanie Bell-martinez

When our old service stopped

When our old service stopped their recycling service, it was great to have you stop by the house and present your services, including recycling! The switchover was seamless and your customer service has been great. Glad to be working with a great company.
– Lee and Shanna –

Lee Schmidt

Bill Unruh

Our prior trash service stopped offering recycling pickup. Nisly stepped in to add this service. Helped us. Helped the environment. Many thanks.

Bill Unruh

Brandi Lewis

Excellent. Lower prices than others. Great customer service. I might suggest a text message reminder system for the pick up date the day before. Just a thought since I occasionally do forget (my own fault of course, but it would help tremendously).

Brandi Lewis


Jeff is always clean-cut and friendly. Before I realized that I could pay for an additional recycling dumpster, I always had extra in the receptacle from my garage, out next to my bin. If Jeff was cursing me under his breath for having to get out of his truck to collect my additional recycling, he never let on and even took the time to walk my bin up, since he was already out of the truck anyway, a time or two.


Appreciated His Attitude and Helpfulness

We have been cleaning out our parents house. Recycling had built up for a number of weeks because it was too windy to put it out. Your driver, Arthur, took time to get off the truck and cheerfully help me load and dump numerous dumpster loads. I appreciated his attitude and helpfulness.

Denise Melgren

Pleased From Day One

I have been pleased with Nisly from day one. Everyone I have spoken to is courteous. I have recycling service also, but I could only choose one option.

Jamie Newman

What Great Service

The recycle program is the best! I am very happy with the driver and wish I knew his name. I’m in Cunningham KS and the driver has come back to make a pick up after we forgot to get the bin out. What great service!

Elena DeBeau

Prompt, Reliable Service

I like that you provide prompt, reliable service. Always clean, never any trash blowing up and down the streets. Website and giveaways are awesome also!
Thank you!


Never Have Had Poor Service

You all just do a great job. Never have had poor service!! Keep it up!

Christa Swartz

We Are So Fortunate

Your drivers are great. I wish I knew their name so I could thank them personally. We are so fortunate to have the type of recycling service that we do. Some folks aren’t so fortunate. Thank you!!

LYNN Hedger

Absolutely No Complaints

You guys do great!! Absolutely no complaints!

Stephanie A Ravenstien

Excellent service!

Excellent service! In our case- recycle weekly and trash every other week would be better, because we recycle almost everything.

Mark Meyer

Great Service!

You always do great service!

Rian and Christa Swartz

Always Great Service!!

Always great service!! 🙂

Brittany Heinen

Efficiently Picked Up

Happy to see our recycling efficiently picked up. Having the instructions on the recycle container of what can and can’t be recycled is very helpful.

Becky Damon

You Guys Are Pretty Awesome

You guys are pretty awesome! A couple of times I have been hustling out with my cart to the curb and the driver patiently waited on me!! So kind and thanks for all you guys do!

Hollie Branch

The Nisly Brothers Difference

We provide dependable trash and recycle collection service with all the local, personal, family-feel that our customers love. Our drivers take pride in their work, and our customer service representatives are friendly and helpful. The Nisly Brothers Team operates by our five primary values of safety, integrity, dependability, quality, and servanthood, and those values create outstanding trash and recycle service with a smile!

Got Questions? Check out our Recycle Service FAQ

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