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November 2023 Character Core We hear that being grateful and expressing gratitude is important, leading to improved mental health, strong relationships, and appreciation for the…

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September 2023 Character Core A harmonious, enjoyable workplace appeals to everyone, and yet creating that type of atmosphere is difficult and take intentionality. Practicing respect…

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August 2023 Character Core Meriam Webster states that being alert means “a state of careful watching and readiness especially for danger or opportunity.” Alertness is…

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May 2023 Character Core We all know enthusiastic people. They have abounding energy and excitement about what they do, whether that’s starting a new hobby…

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March 2023 Character Core Humility rarely comes naturally. A project exceeding expectations, a promotion that came after hard work and dedication, and a successful endeavor…

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February 2023 Character Core When we think of acts of courage, the first image that comes to mind is often that of someone totally overpowered…

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January 2023 Character Core We have all heard the phrase, “Honesty is the best policy.” Though we may think it a bit cliché, this phrase…

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December 2022 Character Core Doing a task well often means that diligence, patience, and consistency were poured in to bring success. Diligence implies that there…

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November 2022 Character Core Merriam-Webster describes thorough as “careful about detail; painstaking”. To be thorough implies attention to the small details and specific intentionality in completing the…

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