Small Business of the Year Award 2018

Reno County/Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce

Nisly Brothers is grateful for each of our customers! Your support and loyalty is integral to our success. At the annual chamber meeting on February 11, 2019, we were awarded the Reno County/Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year 2018 award! It is a great honor for us to accept this award, and it has caused us to reflect on our beginnings and the values that have been passed down to our generation, and our exciting future.

small business of the year award 2018

Menno Nisly, founder of Nisly Brothers, valued hard work. His father died when he was 13, leaving him and his siblings to help their widowed mother run the farm. Through that experience and others, he learned that efficiency, timeliness, and hard work were important parts of success. Dad often said, “If you can’t be on time, be early.” In 1956, at our beginning, Menno was owner with one employee, one truck and only a handful of customers.

We are grateful to each employee who has helped us to where we are today. Our service area now covers over 8 counties, and we employ more than 25 people. We have seen specific needs in the communities we serve and work hard to develop the best solution for each customer.  Over the years we have seen the need for recycling services, large construction and cleanup containers, and portable toilets, and we now provide all these services.

nisly brothers small business of the year award

There have been many changes since our beginning over 60 years ago, but we’ve kept the same core values throughout the years.  As the company continues to grow, we continue to look for innovative ways to provide the best service possible.  This includes finding the best equipment to improve the safety of our employees and the quality of our service.

One of our newest features is a wind latch for our residential cart service.  Kansas wind has been known to tip carts over and scatter trash.  We are installing wind latches designed to keep the cart lid shut. Even if the cart falls over, the lid remains securely fastened, when we dump the cart, the lid opens.

Thank you for the last 60 years of support and loyalty. We are excited to see what the next 60 years hold for us as we strive to carry on the legacy of efficiency, timeliness, and hard work that Dad started. We continue to search for innovative ways to improve equipment and provide the best trash service possible for all our customers!

Harold, Marvin and Arnold Nisly, Owners

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