Recycling In Greensburg

Recycling as a Contribution

Recycling in any community is an important program for all residents to participate in. By following a recycling program we help maintain a clean environment for our family, communities, and even the global community. We all know the difference between a dirty and a clean situation. Our initiative to stay clean should go beyond our immediate situation to helping keep the world clean for others as well. Recycling also is important to protect the resources we have. According to the US Protection Environment Agency when we reduce, reuse, and recycle we are “saving money, energy, and natural resources”. If we do not use our resources wisely we will make it more difficult for others to get what they need to live good lives. Our negligence can become the hurt of someone else. The recycling program is more than a way to get rid of your trash. It is a way to be part of the preservation of our environment and to protect each other.

Benefits of Recycling

There are 5 simple benefits that recycling offers to our communities.

  1. Creates jobs and strengthens the economy.
  2. Saves energy.
  3. Prevents soil, water, and air pollution, including greenhouse gases.
  4. Conserves our natural resources.
  5. Extends the lives of existing landfills and reduces the need for new landfills.

Our Recycling Services

For this cause, we at Nisly Brothers Trash service are offering our services to take care of your recycling needs. Also, we want to announce that there are now two ways for residents to recycle in Greensburg, KS. Of course, the initial one is the Kiowa County Maintenance Facility which will remain open and function as usual. However as an additional way, as of January 2011, the city is offering single stream curbside recycling provided from our trash services facility in Hutchinson Kansas.

To get started request recycling carts from the city at 620-723-2751.

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