Menno Nisly Tribute: December 29, 1929-January 22, 2016

Menno Nisly founded Nisly Brothers Trash Services, and is the father of the owners, Marvin, Harold, & Arnold.

Menno valued education. While Amish in 1954, he attended Hesston College at a time when few Amish did.

Menno valued efficiency. He disliked beating around the bush and round-about routes to a goal. Fried chicken, for example was too messy and had too many bones, but he loved fish filets!

He also valued timeliness, often saying, “If you can’t be on time, be early.”

Menno valued hard work. Born in the Depression, when he was thirteen, his father died, leaving him and his brothers to help his mother farm with horses. Later, he founded Nisly Brothers in 1956, and maintained an interest in it after retiring in 2004. He would often ask, “Did everyone get back in good time?” or, “Were things busy yesterday?” when the family came to visit him.

Most importantly, Menno valued faith. For a decade, he enjoyed teaching a winter term at Calvary Bible School. He was a dedicated Christian and charter member of Center Church, and remained a member there the rest of his life.

His presence will be missed by friends and family.

menno nisly tribute

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