An Overview of Our Trash Service Company

We Manage Your Trash So You Can Manage Your Life

You have too many important things to do to waste your time getting rid of waste. Life is stressful enough without having to deal with the frustrations of unreliable trash service or hauling your own trash. In today’s fast-paced and increasingly hectic lifestyle, the ease of quick, disposable commodities has become more and more appealing. What many people don’t think about is how to dispose of these items.

We exist because we believe you shouldn’t need to worry about your trash service.  Nisly Brothers’ goal is to eliminate the stress from your trash disposal by providing excellent, reliable trash service.  All you should have to do is remember when to take out your trash. We’ll manage the rest. We do trash good so you can do you good.

You might think we are just another Trash Service company.  We are here to prove that we are more than ordinary. Nisly Brothers is a locally, family owned business that has served Central Kansas for over 60 years! Safety and service are our primary priorities. We are constantly looking for ways to keep our drivers and customers safe, and to improve our quality of service.  We care about providing safe and dependable trash services.

60 years of experience as a trash company

Our Full Line of Trash Services

Nisly Brothers is a full trash service and waste management business. We care about everyone’s trash service needs. We will work with you to provide whatever you need.

First of all, we offer a variety of different trash pickup options. We have varying sizes of containers as well as multiple trash service pick up options ranging from weekly to 1x/month service. Along with this, we have an “everything goes” p

olicy. If you have a bulky pickup, like an old couch or mattress, we will take it at no extra charge. We care about what you need, working to provide the best service for you at the best price!

quality container for nisly brothers trash company

We also care about the environment and do all we can to keep it clean. One of the ways we do this is by offering more than just a trash service where all collected waste gets dumped in a landfill. In well-populated areas, we also provide recycling services. Our quick and easy “single-stream recycling” eliminates the need to carefully sort glass, tin, or cardboard. All recyclable food containers can be thrown into one cart and taken to the curb for pickup. It’s that simple.

For larger cleanup, construction, or remodel projects, we offer commercial-sized and larger roll-off containers. You can rent these for a few days to save yourself multiple trips to the landfill. We provide fast and hassle-free service. Our friendly drives will deliver the container, pick it up, and dispose of the waste at the landfill. The only thing you need to do is load it!

We are blessed to have wonderful employees who care about the company. Our team members see working for our trash service company as more than just a job opportunity. They take pride in their job and in serving the community. We hear many stories of our friendly drivers going above and beyond what the job requires in order to make our customers happy.

We Keep You Looking Good

With Friendly, Dependable, and Worry Free Waste Management