7 Answers to the Question “Why is Recycling Important?”

Is the question “Why is recycling important” an important one? Is it worth our time to explore the question? Can we afford not to explore it? What will happen if we do not answer the question?

In our world today where the population is growing rapidly and the demand for natural resources is escalating we need to face the question.  There is something that we can do & it can be fun too.

What is better we are not alone. We have a great organization, National Waste & Recycling Association, leading the way for us.

7 Answers to the Question

There are a number of reasons that we should recycle. We at Nisly Brothers Trash Service have compiled a list of seven. We compiled those that we think are the most noteworthy and the most compelling. It is those that are calling us to do something about the lack of recycling.

1. Reduces Pollution & Littering

Imagine a world that is spotless and perfect! Would that not be great?  There would be no smog. The air would be perfectly clean and make you feel fresh at every breath. Wow! Water everywhere would be safe to drink. No filtering would be needed. Streets would be spotless. Drains would be clean and not clogged. Isn’t your heart already leaping with anticipation? You would never have to walk around a dirty mess or deal with a situation where others were negligent. It would be a world where life is perfectly enjoyable.

Recycling is one way to make our world a bit closer to spotless and perfect. We do not have to have piles of trash and rubbish. We can reuse waste in a profitable way. For example how about using tin cans for shop storage instead of throwing them away and then buying more expensive storage containers. You are both reusing what you have and reducing the demand for natural resources. That is the idea of recycling–reusing what we have to reduce what we take from the earth.  The earth has limited resources. We are forced to make the best use of these resources. We can do it by recycling and making our world a better place.

2. Reduces Waste at Landfills

According to Conserve Energy Future,

“There are a lot of items that we use everyday and then get rid of…by throwing them in the garbage. Unfortunately, this results in a pile of garbage as we throw away old items, as well as packaging of new items…. Landfill waste poses a huge problem as it has [an] economic and environmental impact and…due to [the] slow decomposition rate which takes thousands of years, several acres of land have already been virtually rendered useless that could have been actually used for setting up new residential colonies or industries.”

We can make a huge difference with a little effort. We can make the world better by reusing and recycling. It turns useless and space-consuming waste into useful products that help our economy and our daily life.

3. Reduces Business Costs

City governments often tell residents that recycling saves the city and taxpayers from spending so much on trash disposal. Indirectly this saves your business money. It reduces tax dollars.

4. Conserves Natural Resources

  • Saves the earth
  • Saves the trees
  • Saves the wildlife
  • Saves our world and environment
  • Saves the quality of our lives

5. Conserves Energy

The human race loves the idea of conserving and being more economical. When we ask the question “why is recycling important” we need to answer in light of conserving and being economical if we want to answer it well. Recycling saves energy.

Save On Energy claims:

“Recycling saves energy by eliminating the need to make materials from scratch. Regardless of which product you’re producing, it’s extremely labor intensive and energy expensive to extract, transport and refine the natural resources that go into aluminum, plastic, paper and glass. Using recycled materials rather than new resources gives us a jumpstart on the manufacturing process and allows us to make the same products with less energy.”

6. Benefits Economy

Ideally we do not need to waste anything.  Birch Plastics is convinced that “Everything from plastic bottles to cardboard packaging can be processed for use in other products. In addition to easing the burden on landfills, recycling offers a boost to the economy by providing thousands of jobs and saving costs on manufacturing new goods.” Who doesn’t want a strong economy? We do well to do what we can to keep it that way.

7. Sustains and Maintains the Environment for Future Generations

symbol of recycling with hands

We live in a big world where the population numbers are exploding. As the trend continues this brings into focus two things to be concerned about for future generations. 1) there will be more people 2) there will be higher demands for natural products to keep these people alive.  If left alone, nature continually regenerates itself.  If we operate in sync with these natural processes, the earth will have plenty of resources for future generations.

Of course, we care about our children and their children. So we are compelled to do what we can to make their life what it should be. Recycling is one way to be a wonderful parent. It leaves our children with a sustainable world where they can thrive and live productive lives.

How to Respond to “Why is recycling Important?”

A. Start with that one can!

Although the task can seem overwhelming, it is not hopeless! We can start with one thing i.e. one little can. If everyone would do that it would make a huge and life-changing difference. Watch the video for inspiration!

B.  Stay informed and keep yourself reminded!

Check out Penn Waste Recycling Facts and sign up for their newsletter to stay informed.


Download and print out the EPA infographic on Recycling.

C. Contact Nisly Brothers Trash Service to take care of your recycling needs.

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