Trash & Recycling Service Minimally Affected by Wildfire

A wildfire north of Hutchinson burned over 6000 acres and forced evacuation of some of our service areas in the northern part of Reno County. The evacuation order came through at 9 pm Monday and the last of the evacuees were allowed to return by Thursday evening. Ten homes were destroyed and numerous outbuildings were damaged, but no lives were lost.

The only Nisly Brothers route affected by the evacuation order was Tuesday’s recycling. The driver serviced about half of his customers that day, and we serviced the rest on Friday after the evacuation order was lifted. Thursday and Friday trash routes ran as usual.

burnt trash cart 290x300

The Friday route driver talked to many people who were out in their yards working on clean up. At many homes the fire had burned all the way around, but left the house untouched. In some cases the homes had become so hot that they started burning on the inside. Because doors were locked, firefighters had to break in, in order to put the fire out.

Before daylight on Friday morning our driver came to a customer who did not have the cart out so he went up to the
house, to the spot where he knew the customer keeps it. No cart. Then he looked down and saw the white serial numbers shining in the dark (pictured). The cart had burned to the ground, with only the top rim remaining.

Nisly Brothers is scheduling the replacement of all burned polycarts and containers.

We are also giving a 10% discount on Rolloffs for use in cleanup efforts. Please call us if you need to have your trash receptacle replaced or if you need a cleanup container!

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