Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Tips: Choosing Your Dumpster Size and More

Here in Kansas, the end of the fall season is approaching and with that comes the excitement (or stress) of preparing for the upcoming holidays. If you are like most people, this is a busy time of year. Maybe you’re trying to use the remaining fall days to get your property cleaned up before winter hits, or you’re trying to get your house ready for your family’s holiday celebrations. In this preparation process, it is quite likely that you will begin to accrue piles of past treasures that have become present, unwanted clutter. Or maybe your property cleanup project got out of hand and you need to find a better solution than making numerous laborious trips to the landfill in your van-turned-truck. If this is you, a roll-off dumpster rental could simplify your job (and retain the value of your van.)

A good waste-management company should make renting a roll-off container simple and ensure that you get the right dumpster for the right job. We also think it is crucial that you know the details of a roll off dumpster rental so you can ask the right questions. You deserve to have the best company provide the best dumpster at the best price. Here are some tips on choosing the right container for your project.

Selecting the Right Type of Roll-Off Container

Not all waste is created equal. Therefore, it is critical that you consider the kind of items that you want to dispose of and make sure that the roll off dumpster rental company knows what your project is. There are restrictions as to what kind of waste can go into certain container types. It would be a shame to order a concrete washout container when you need to dispose of waste concrete from a demolition project. Here at Nisly Brothers, we offer a number of different types of roll-off dumpsters. Our helpful staff can assist you and make sure the container you order is exactly what you need.

Standard Waste Roll-Off Containers

These containers come in a variety of sizes and are great for residential debris and cleanup projects, commercial construction sites, brush removal, and more.

LEED Containers for Recycling
Roll off recycling dumpsters are great for LEED certified construction sites or other projects when you need to keep wood, metal, or cardboard separate in order to recycle.

Concrete Washout Containers

roll off dumpster tips for concrete washout dumpsters

These are designed for the very specific purpose of disposing of the liquid concrete washout during concrete construction pouring projects. The containers have a special lining to prevent the concrete from drying onto it. Using a concrete washout dumpster prevents caustic water and hazardous materials from spilling onto your property, and contaminating the soil and water.

Compactor Receiver Containers

roll off trash compactors for rent in hutchinson ks

These are designed specifically to connect to an industrial trash compactor and are completely enclosed. They compact the trash into the receiver container, and are perfect for companies that will have lots of trash, since it can be compacted.Generally they are 40-yards, and are usually placed for large commercial customers.

Your waste management company should help you select the perfect container for your project. Before calling to ask about a rental make sure you know all the types of waste you will want to put in the container. Certain kinds of waste are not allowed to be placed in a roll-off dumpster rental.

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