Reflecting On National Garbage Man Day

A Week of Celebrating the Waste Industry

Every year in June is the “National Garbage Man Day” week! This week of celebrating waste collection workers around the world shows appreciation for the long hours they work and the difference they make in our world. Garbagemanday.org says,

Practically, if the waste management industry were to decide to take a day off, we would quickly revert back to medieval waste management practices. Tossing buckets of sewage off balconies or throwing household trash onto growing walls of garbage along our sidewalks, even possibly unleashing pigs in the streets to eat up our filth are only a few examples.

Without the garbage men of our communities, many cities would be driven to a state of disorder, often worse than natural disasters. According to the Centers for Disease Control, historically the eradication of many diseases in the Western World is due, in large part, to higher public sanitation standards resulting from efficient garbage disposal.

Our drivers put in long hours, so you don’t need to worry about your trash. All you need to do is wheel your cart to the curb, and they take it from there. Our employees work hard to make sure that every customer gets friendly, dependable service. When you use Nisly Brothers, you don’t need to worry about your trash.  We manage your trash so you can manage your life!

national garbage man day celebrated by nisly brothers trash service

Menno Nisly started Nisly Brothers Trash Service in 1956. He started the company with his brother Jonas as his only employee. He worked hard to run the company with friendliness, dependability, and honesty. Three of his sons, Marvin, Harold, and Arnold bought the business and work hard to continue the legacy that Menno started. 

Today, Nisly Brothers has grown to employ 29 local men and women whose job descriptions range from, drivers, mechanics, office staff, sales, etc. On any given weekday, Nisly Brothers operates 13-15 routes across eight counties in South Central Kansas to service our customers.

We provide clean, professional waste collection service to thousands of customers. Our customers range from rural residential customers to contracted cities and large commercial customers.

Every day, we drive thousands of miles to reach our customers. In 2017, our regular route drivers collectively drove over 1.2 million miles. That averages to more than 4,500 miles per work day. Our customer locations range from less than a mile to nearly 100 miles from our shop.

In the past year, we removed over 15,000 tons of garbage for our customers. We also offer recycling in many areas, and that has reduced the amount of garbage that we take to landfills.

Nisly Brothers seeks to provide safe and efficient waste collection services to every customer. Trash shouldn’t be something you need to worry about. We take care of it, so you can manage the rest of your life.

Please join us in celebrating the waste collection workers across the world and their hard work to keep our world looking good.

We Keep You Looking Good

With Friendly, Dependable, and Worry Free Waste Management