More Than a Porta Potty Rental

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Here at Nisly Brothers Trash Service, we strive to offer clean, professional, dependable portable toilet services. We emphasize cleanliness, and even the term porta potty rental feels too dirty, inexperienced, and low class. Toilets could seem like an undesirable job, but we strive to bring class to this industry. We don’t mind that many people refer to our portable toilets as porta potty rentals, but we prefer to call our porta potties ‘portable toilets’ or ‘portable restrooms’ instead. We offer premium portable toilets with professional, dependable service.

When you rent a portable toilet from Nisly Brothers, you can be sure of the following:

  • A clean portable toilet
  • A well-maintained toilet
  • Dependable cleaning services even after the portable toilet is on your site
Portable Toilet Inside

Nisly Brother’s obsession with providing quality service alternatives is reflected in our dislike of the phrase PORTA POTTY RENTAL. Portable toilet rentals and the way they serve a humble need in the community shows our vision and values for our family owned and family operated business for the last 60 years. Our motto for service is from Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” If a job deserves to be done then it deserves to be done right. The degrading sound of porta potty rental is not in line with the vision and purpose of our company. We seek to provide safe, sanitary portable restrooms that reflect our desire to serve the community.

Head and Shoulders Above a Porta Potty Rental

Nisly Brothers’ passion for quality is also reflected in our line of products. In addition to our portable toilet rentals, we also offer a line of classy, luxury restroom rentals for weddings, anniversaries, fancy events, and other occasions where a basic portable restroom is not sufficient. These classy restroom trailers can easily be towed to an event site. These luxury portable restrooms come with full amenities. Like a regular bathroom in your home, they include air conditioning, a flushing toilet, running water, a full sized mirror, a finished floor, lights, inside decor, and other home-like features.

These classy, comfortable restrooms stand head and shoulders above the normal, scummy idea of a porta potty rental. Our restrooms are sparkling clean, comfortable, and a taste of luxury for the world of portable toilets.

Standards Beyond the Porta Potty Rental Idea

With a professional edge, Nisly Brothers Trash Service, also works hard to keep our portable restrooms clean. We operate according to Portable Sanitation Association International and apply their standard of cleanliness. Each time we service the portable restrooms, we scrub, sanitize, deodorize, and dry them by hand. We leave each portable toilet rental clean and fresh.


We service each portable restroom with integrity and pride. Nisly Brothers strives for a job well done to the satisfaction of the customer. Our motto ‘We Keep You Looking Good’ keeps our purpose clear and our standards high. We dislike the term “Porta Potty Rental” and prefer the term “Quality Portable Restroom Rental” because we aim for integrity and professionalism in everything we do. Portable toilets can be clean and job site restrooms can be hygienic. Here at Nisly Brothers, we want to raise the standard for portable toilets and make a difference in the portable restroom industry.

Call Nisly Brothers at (620) 662-6561 for a fresh aroma in the restroom industry.

Portable Restroom Calculator

Not sure how many portable toilets you will need for your event? Here is a handy calculator to get an idea of what you will need. Simply enter the approximate number of guests, and how many hours your event will last.

We Keep You Looking Good

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