5 Important Questions to Ask when Signing Up for Weekly Trash Service

Signing up for weekly trash service isn’t usually the first thing people think of doing when they move into a new neighborhood. After moving itself, water and electric accounts need to be opened, internet and TV service need to be installed, and the children need to be enrolled. Finding trash service may seem insignificant compared to those things.

But as you start unpacking boxes and the trash starts to pile up, you realize that you’ll need to figure out the details for your weekly trash service too.

Based on years of experience in providing weekly trash service and answering customers’ questions, we thought it would be helpful to list some things to consider when searching for your trash service. Here are 5 questions that you should ask to make sure you get a trash service that will work well for you.

Does my city provide weekly trash service or am I responsible to find my own?

If you live inside city limits, your city may already have a contract with a trash service company to provide waste management for your town. If this is the case, you can contact your city’s utility or public works department, and they will help you set up your trash service.

If your city does not provide public trash service or if you live in a rural area, you’ll be able to set up your own trash service account. Generally, an online search will give you options for trash service companies in your area. Asking local neighbors or friends about their trash service is another great option to find out which local company provides the best weekly trash service.

What different trash service options are in my area, and when and where will my trash cart be emptied?

As you contact trash service companies, you’ll want to explore the different options they offer to ensure you get the best available service for your particular needs. In most areas, trash service is available weekly, bi-weekly, or at least monthly. Most trash companies also have residential trash containers in different sizes, ranging from the typical rolling trash cart to larger metal containers. Asking questions about different options can help you get the perfect service for you.

You’ll also want to know when and where your driver will service your trash. Some drivers may come early in the morning so you’ll need to put out your cart the evening before your service day. In addition, most trash service companies service all trash carts at the street, so be aware of that and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have about the specific placement of your cart on trash service day.

Most likely, you’ll also want to ask about what kinds of trash are unacceptable. Most landfills have several limits or restrictions on household hazardous waste like wet paints, chemicals, cleaners, etc.

The more questions you ask, the better! Asking these questions will help your trash service company understand your needs and will help you understand all the details of your trash service. As a trash service company, we realize that misunderstandings sometimes arise, but we believe our customers should always know what to expect with their weekly trash service. We consistently strive to hear what our customers need and provide them with quality trash service.

is there a charge for extra trash?

This is a great question to ask. What happens when you have a big party or a group of out-of-town guests over the holiday and you have a few extra bags of trash that won’t fit in your bin? Or what do you do with the coffee table that fell apart when the grandkids were playing leapfrog?

Not every company will treat extra trash the same. Some will charge extra to pick it up, some just simply won’t pick it up, and others, like our company, don’t charge any extra for your extra trash. If you have extra trash out in bags or boxes beside your cart, we’ll pick it up. But not every company is this generous 😉, so be sure to ask about the extra trash policy when signing up for weekly trash service.

Do I need to use a company cart, or can I use a cart that I already own?

Some waste management companies don’t provide trash carts and require you to place your trash out by the street in your own trash bins. Here at Nisly Brothers, we provide trash carts to every one of our customers and can only pick up trash in our own Nisly Brothers carts to comply with safety requirements. Using our carts ensures that our trash trucks with mechanical arms will be able to pick up and dump the bin and keeps drivers from unsafely lifting heavy trash carts. When you’re looking for weekly trash service, don’t forget to ask about the trash cart policy so you know what to expect.

How do I set up trash service? And if I do, am I in a contract?

You can always call local trash service companies to get a quote or set up service. In addition, at Nisly Brothers, we have an option for online service set up as well. It’s quick, easy, and you can set it up any time of the day or night. If you have more questions or specialized requests, please feel free to call or text us at (620) 662-6561.

We do find that many times customers who want to switch to our trash service are hindered in doing so because they unknowingly entered a contract with their current trash service company. For this reason, we strongly recommend asking about contract details when you shop for trash service.

However, at Nisly Brothers we do not set up a contract unless you want one. Contracts can provide benefits such as pricing stability and lower rates, but we believe each customer should always have the option of choosing whether or not to enter a contract.

Asking these 5 questions should help spare you from unnecessary frustrations and ensure that you get a weekly trash service that works well for you. For more helpful details and answers to frequently asked questions we get about our services visit our FAQ page.

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