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Character Core Of The Month

How many times do we lay down our keys or wallet, then forget where we placed it? Often, we lose these everyday items because we don’t have designated locations for them to be placed. Being orderly involves having a plan and finding the most efficient space/way to do something.

When moving into a new house, or organizing a room, we use a lot of mental energy to find the best and most efficient location for things. For example: It isn’t very efficient to have the dish soap next to the stove and the oven mitts next to the sink. Think of how much time we could save by organizing a room/house with efficiency and orderliness in mind.

Having our surroundings clean and organized promotes stress-free living and shows respect for our spaces and our possessions. Being late to work/appointments due to not being able to find your keys or wallet is unnecessary and will likely cause the rest of your day to be more chaotic as well.

Obviously, some of us are more tolerant to disorder than others, but let’s do our part in creating environments that are orderly and clutter free. We will increase our effectiveness and reduce stress by aiming for more orderliness in our physical spaces as well as in our thought processes.

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