Taking the High Road In Relationships

Character Core Of The Month

Do you ever put other people down to make yourself look or feel better? This is the easy road when you are having personal struggles or when you aren’t feeling valued in a relationship or business. The road of loyalty says, “Yes, I’m not feeling valued right now. However, I refuse to make my shortcomings look less important by talking badly of others.” Cultivating loyalty involves a lot of listening, understanding, and respect for everyone involved.

One of the biggest ways to show loyalty is to bring disagreements and questions to others in private. Talking to people who aren’t part of the solution will cause the situation to escalate and can quickly be seen as disrespect by those who are part of the solution.

If you find yourself in a situation where your loyalty is being tested, choose the high road, and assume that you don’t know all the facts. Talk to the people who are involved and show your loyalty by listening and trying to understand their point of view. You might not agree with their viewpoint, but active listening and trying to understand play an important role in showing your respect and loyalty. Actions speak louder than words.

There may come a time when you need their loyalty, and the trust that you built through listening, understanding, and respect, will likely be the reason they choose to show their loyalty when you need it. Let’s take the high road and go the second mile when cultivating loyalty in our personal and professional lives.

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