Recycling Service FAQ

How do I set up regular recycle service?

Call our office (620) 662-6561, and one of our customer service representatives can help you get started. Our priority is finding the right trash service and best price for our valued customers!

When you set up service, we need upfront payment for the upcoming quarter because we bill quarterly in advance. Your first payment will also include a one-time delivery charge for the container.

We will deliver your cart or container as soon as we can and get your trash service scheduled on a route.

Will I get charged for items outside the container?

We take extra recyclables at no extra charge. However, if the driver needs to spend more than a few minutes picking it up we typically charge a small fee to cover his time. If we see that you have a large amount of extra recyclables frequently, we will recommend getting an extra cart.

Do you charge any additional fees/surcharges?

Generally, our monthly and quarterly rates are all-inclusive rates.  All fees like service container rental, repairs, etc. are included in your regular recycling service. However, if our driver spends more than a few minutes picking up large amounts of extra recycling, we generally charge a small amount.

How can I pay my bill?

We offer multiple payment options for trash and recycling service. You can:Set up AutoPay. This allows us to automatically charge your debit/credit card or a bank account the first business day of every bill cycle. You will still receive an invoice (by mail or email), but you won’t need to worry about the payment. If we have an email on file, we can even send you a copy of the receipt when the payment has been processed.

-Pay online at nislybrothers.com. Set up an account, and sign in to pay online at any time.

-Pay over the phone with a debit/credit card or your bank account number.

-Send a check in the mail with your invoice slip attached.

What can I recycle?

For a quick reference guide go to our recycling services page to see specifics. With our single stream recycling service, all the recyclable items can be placed into one cart, taken to the curb, and we handle it from there!

Should my recyclables be in bags?

No. Although some recycling programs accept recyclables in bags, our single-stream recycling program cannot accept any plastic bags—even those marked recyclable!

When should I put my cart out by the curb?

We encourage putting your cart out by the curb the night before your service day. Some drivers start early in the morning, and we don’t want to arrive before your cart is at the curb for pick up.

What happens on holiday weeks?

When a holiday lands on a weekday, all residential routes for that day and the rest of the week are postponed one day. (example: if a holiday is on a Tuesday, Monday routes are run as usual on Monday, but routes normally scheduled on Tuesday get run on Wednesday, routes scheduled for Wednesday on Thursday, etc.)  Pickup times will normally be the same as usual.

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