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Monthly Featured Customers

Celebrating Our Customers Every Month


March 2020 – Customer of the Month

Newton Medical Center

The history of the Newton Medical Center started in 1988. Axtell Christian Hospital and Bethel Deaconess Hospital merged into one non-profit hospital and it was renamed the Newton Medical Center. The hospital has 103 beds total in the Maternal/Child, Medical, Surgical, Critical Care, Emergency Department, and Inpatient Rehab units. They work hard to provide quality care to all of their patients. Newton Medical Center has a volunteer program available. These volunteers are given special orientation. They deliver patient mail and flowers as well as pick-up meal menus. They also fulfill special requests from patients, such as reading mail to a patient. Nisly Brothers services the rolloff trash compactor as well as several large commercial sized containers for trash and cardboard at the Newton Medical Center.


February 2020 – Customer of the Month

Good Samaritan Society

Aging is one of the difficult realities for humans. As we age, our body begins to betray us and doesn’t work as well as it has in the past. The Good Samaritan Society strives to provide the best care possible for the three different levels of care that they provide. “There are a lot of companies out there that provide senior care and support. What makes the Good Samaritan Society special is why we do this work. Since our founding in 1922, we’ve been driven by a mission to share God’s love with seniors and others in need. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion. Whether you’re looking for a new home, medical care, help around the house or someone to pray with, we strive to make sure you always feel loved, welcomed, valued and at peace. And because we’re a not-for-profit organization, you won’t feel pressured into agreeing to services you don’t really need. As you age, what you and your family need may change. We’re committed to continually growing and evolving our services to provide the help you need, when and where you want it most.”


January 2020 – Customer of the Month

Hutchinson Library

Does the winter ever feel like it will never end? What activities do you and your children like to do when it’s too cold to play outside?
This month we are featuring what the Hutchinson Public Library has to offer. Whether you are looking for activities for adults or children, the Library has lots of options for you to consider!
Adults can choose from a wide variety of activities. They can learn a new computer program, join a book club, buy used books from the Friendship Bookstore, or attend workshops. Talk20 is a popular activity for adults to attend.
The library also has different activities that your children can attend when they are tired of being stuck at home. They can attend children’s story time, workshops, or spend the day reading books in the peaceful library atmosphere.
If you are looking for a specific book and the library doesn’t have it available, you can borrow the book through an interlibrary loan. The library also has audio books, music and e-books that you can borrow.
When you are feeling like the winter will never end, participate in some of these activities that your local library has to offer, or you can borrow a book that will transport you into the story.


December 2019 – Customer of the Month

Marker’s European Auto Service

Marker’s European Auto Service was started by Ron Marker in 1975. Ron’s son Brian grew up around the business, and as soon as he graduated from high school in 1985, he joined the family business. Marker’s European Auto Service works on all types of foreign cars. However, they specialize in European cars. Their 5-star Google Rating reflects all the hard work they put into customer service. One review reads, “Absolutely fantastic family run business. Although we have to drive from Wichita it is well worth it! We have always received friendly and ( honest ) service from this family. When comparing the cost between the Mercedes dealerships and even other smaller Mercedes repair shops the price here cannot be beat! As I said, it’s well worth the drive. We’re very happy that we take our European vehicles to Marker’s in Hutchinson. And I know you will be too!” If you are looking for a local family owned and operated foreign car repair shop, give Marker’s European Auto Service a call.


November 2019 – Customer of the Month

Ruzen Flowers

We service many locally owned flower shops, and Ruzen Flowers, who is based in Newton, is proud to be serving Harvey County! They are family owned and operated since 1953. They specialize in service that is friendly and prompt.
At Ruzen Flowers you will find many different flower arrangements that will spread love to your friends and family in the good times as well as in the hard times. They also have an extensive line of Home Interior gifts and customized gift baskets. Ruzen Flowers provides online ordering as well as delivery options. Their office staff is dedicated to going the extra mile, and making your experience enjoyable! Be sure to check them out the next time you are in Newton.


October 2019 – Customer of the Month

Bob Stith Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing

Here in Kansas our winters are cold, and our summers are hot, which takes its toll on the various systems in your home. That’s why you need the comprehensive services of trained professionals like the ones at Bob Stith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, who can handle any number of problems for you. Whether it’s a leak in your plumbing, a problem with your air conditioning system or installation of a newer and more efficient heating and cooling system, they have the skills and experience you need. The Newton Branch has been in business since 1992 and has accrued the right combination of hard-earned experience and knowledge about the latest advancements in the field to handle a wide variety of home maintenance concerns. With Bob Stith Heating Cooling & Plumbing in your corner, there’s no heating, cooling, or plumbing problem you won’t be able to tackle. Visit their website at to request their services.


September 2019 – Customer of the Month

Druber’s Donut Shop

Our customer of the month is Druber’s Donut Shop located at 116 W 6th St, Newton, Kansas. Tharath Ven and his wife Chanlyna Sam bought the store 2 years ago. They curate their business hours with the community in mind. Druber’s Donut Shop opens late in the evening and closes around noon the next day to accommodate the college students and retirees who have become loyal customers.
One customer left a review stating that she used to live in Newton, and loved Druber’s Donut Shop! Unfortunately, she moved away from Newton, and misses the shop so much! “I have Krispy Creme right around the corner but nothing compares to the homemade donuts I had at Druber’s.”
Whether you are looking for a late night hangout, a study break for college students, or simply a delicious donut, try out Druber’s Donut Shop!


July 2019 – Customer of the Month

Kraft Electric

Ben and Amy Kraft opened Kraft Electric in 1998 and have served the Hutchinson Community ever since. They employ 12 licensed, reliable people that are dedicated to providing friendly, professional service. They specialize in commercial and residential service work. They also provide quality electrical installations. Whether you are needing someone to install interior lighting, external electrical boxes, or new construction electrical work, “No job is too large or too small for their staff of qualified electricians.”
Ben and Amy are both very invested in the local community. When they were younger, they both attended Hutchinson High School and HCC. Currently they are involved with the Big Brother, Big Sister Program in Hutchinson. Amy serves on the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce Board. In the past she has been part of the Reno County Cancer Counsel, as well as president of the Haven Chamber of Commerce.
If you are looking for a local electrical team that is professional and reliable, don’t hesitate to call Kraft Electric!


June 2019 – Customer of the Month

Firehouse Café

“Sound the Alarm! Firefighter-themed restaurants remain a hot trend across the country, including one in Kansas paying homage to this worthy profession. Bobby Sauer opened the Historical Firehouse Café in 2011 after rescuing Hutchinson’s former Fire Station Number 4.
‘Almost everything was pretty much original from when they left, and I kept it that way,’ Sauer says of the decor. ‘When you walk in, old firefighter hats hang on the wall, and their uniforms and boots look like they just came in the door and took them off.’ She even stuffed a pair of pants and boots to give the appearance of a firefighter sliding down the original brass pole from the second floor. Hoses, axes, ladders, a fire hydrant, framed historical photographs, and a mural painted by a local artist and featuring a Hutchinson firefighter all add to the charm.
Sauer serves breakfast and lunch every day except Tuesday, hooking customers with made-from-scratch, large portion menu items such as the Firemen’s Stack (pancakes), the Captain’s Meal (two eggs, two biscuits with gravy, bacon, sausage and pancakes) and the Firehouse Hose Dog (a foot-long, all-beef hot dog topped with chili, cheese and onions).”

-Excerpt from Kansas Magazine.


May 2019 – Customer of the Month

Richardson Brothers Construction

Located in Hutchinson, Kansas, Richardson Brothers Construction is currently operated by the third-generation of Richardsons, Jon & Ross. They provide steel building solutions for agricultural, commercial and industrial customers in central Kansas. Richardson Brothers Construction is in their fifth decade as a Butler Building contractor and has received Butler’s Career Builder designation due to their track record of proven performance.

Richardson Brothers Construction has a reputation for performing difficult concrete projects with a high-quality finished product. Their crews are known for their quality steel erection, with hundreds of steel building projects completed. They also offer metal re-roof solutions. Should an accident or Mother Nature damage your steel building, let Richardson Brothers Construction repair it in the most cost-effective manner.


April 2019 – Customer of the Month

JM Collingwood Barn

The history of JM Collingwood Barn starts in 1913 when John Martin (Mart) Collingwood built the barn to house his Percheron workhorses that helped him farm over 3800 contiguous acres. The barn is built like a Maltese Cross and has over 16,000 square feet and ceilings reaching over 25 feet tall.In 1986, Dan and Brenda Pace purchased the property, and renovated the barn. However, in 2015, 110 mph winds damaged the West wing. Many contractors told them that the damage was irreparable, but GCI Construction said, “It’s not as bad as it seems.” This became the motto of the entire project which took 9 months to complete.

After the restoration was complete, they decided to turn this one-of-kind barn into an event venue for anyone that is looking for a location that is a blend of rustic and elegant.

The barn is now known as JM Collingwood Barn, and can comfortably accommodate up to 300 people. It is the perfect venue for corporate and casual events. For more information, go to


March 2019 – Customer of the Month

Smith’s Market

Smith’s Market was started in 1933 by Henry Smith. Today, the owners are Chris and Gail Barnes. Chris’s father started working at Smith’s Market in 1957, and saw the business expand, and double in store space. He bought Smith’s Market in 1965, and worked to grow the business until he retired, and sold the business to his son, and current owner, Chris in 2005. Two years after buying the business, Chris was able to expand the store space again to the size that it is today. Currently, they have 12 full-time employees that are trained in customer service, and enjoy seeing all the happy customers that come and go throughout the day.

Smith’s Market has become a landmark in downtown Hutchinson, and provides a unique shopping experience that is difficult to find now that most shopping is done online. They work hard to have the atmosphere of the shop contain the charm of yesteryear, but all the conveniences of today.
Smith’s Market is a favorite shop to many people, due to the superb customer service, and the small-town feel of the store. Whether you are looking for fresh fruits and vegetable, gardening supplies, candy, or homemade fudge, you will love Smith’s Market.


February 2019 – Customer of the Month

The Barn

Karl and Lesley Matlack opened The Barn in Burrton in 2015. They strive to have an atmosphere that feels like you are going home for Sunday lunch with your family. Lesley used several of her family recipes when they built the menu, and created their own spin on the traditional Kansas cuisine.
They also have a large private dining room that holds up to 80 people, which is a great place to have a meal with your family, meetings, or work parties. If you would like to reserve the room, contact Nancy at
They specialize in chicken fried steaks, and have been recognized in the news and on TV for selling over 75,000 chicken fried steaks since they opened the restaurant!
One Google Review says, “This is the best restaurant I’ve been to in years! Our waitress gave world class service and the food was amazing! We’ll definitely be going back soon!”
If you are looking for a restaurant where you can catch up with an old friend, have a large family gathering, or have a work meeting, The Barn is a wonderful place to keep in mind! They have great customer service, and the food is delicious!


January 2019 – Customer of the Month

Absolutely Flowers

Absolutely Flowers was started in 2004 by Karen Maness and Mitzi Alexander. Over the years, have been able to expand their business, and currently employ eight people. Part of that expansion was the start of Absolutely Home. The two businesses are located at 1328 N Main Street, in Hutchinson. Absolutely Flowers specializes in fresh or permanent creative floral designs, while Absolutely Home specializes in home decor and gift ideas. They also have delicious handmade fudge.
Whether it is Valentines Day or any other day that you want to celebrate, consider Absolutely Flowers. They work hard to ensure that everyone that comes into the store, or orders online, has an amazing experience that will continue to create loyal customers!


December 2018 – Customer of the Month

Burger Garage

Sandra Gough opened the Burger Garage in Hesston on October 27, 2017. Sandra and the staff take pride in providing friendly service, and serving quality food at great low prices! The Burger Garage is open Monday-Saturday from 11AM-8PM. Their menu ranges from fresh ground beef hamburgers to hand dipped ice cream to fried Oreos and more! Many reviews talk about how delicious the fries taste. One of the reviews says, “Mountainous amount of crispy crinkle cut fries to go with the burgers.” Other reviews: “EVERYONE loved everything they ordered. The cheese fries, onion rings, rodeo burger, pork tenderloin, and other hamburgers were awesome!” and “Grilled onions on a burger are a must.” Whether you are looking to try a new family owned and operated restaurant, or just a restaurant with great food, you won’t be disappointed when you go to Burger Garage!


November 2018 – Customer of the Month

D’angelo’s Pizzeria

D’angelo’s Pizza in Hesston is owned by Mike and Shirley Weber. They have been a growing business since they started it over 25 years ago. They are open Monday-Friday, and the most popular time to visit is around noon. Mike and Shirley have 6 children, who all worked at D’angelos, during their teen years. Since then, they have started other jobs, and don’t work at the business.

One of their Google Reviews says, “Been coming here for years. One of my favorite places in the area to get pizza! The cheese sticks and cinnamon sticks are also amazing. Be sure to also get a salad with your pizza — their ranch dressing is out of this world!

Mike and Shirley also own the Daylight Donuts that is located next door. You are able to walk from D’angelo’s Pizza to Daylight Donuts without needing to go outside into the cold weather. So whether you are hungry for pizza, donuts, or both, stop in at D’angelos Pizza, and give them a try!


October 2018 – Customer of the Month

Neville Welding Inc.

Dick Neville started his Kingman-based business in 1985 to supplement their farm income. Since then, their business has grown substantially. Dick’s two sons, Marvin and Dennis work alongside him and take pride in creating custom trailers to fit any farmer’s needs. Drop deck trailers, sprayer drop deck trailers, and cattle trailers are a few of the specialty items they produce. They also sell steel and provide some fabrication work for local farmers. Neville Welding has approximately 50 dealers across the country. Since they started 33 years ago, they have sold over 11,000 trailers to customers in the United States, Canada, Russia, and several other countries around the globe.

Dick and his family still farm today. In addition to all of this, he is heavily involved in the local 4-H Program and sponsoring youth athletics. In the past, Dick was involved with the Kingman county recycling board, and has been involved with the Kingman County Conservation District for many years.

Visit to learn more about Neville Welding or to contact them directly.


September 2018 – Customer of the Month

Roy’s BBQ

Anne and Mike Armstrong started Roy’s BBQ in Hutchinson in 1982. They had a setback in 1996 when they had to close the business for three months due to a fire. However, that didn’t stop them from reopening the business, and specializing in great customer service and delicious, hot, fresh BBQ again! Today, Anne’s son, Ryan Collum is the pitmaster and manager, and David Murano and Suzy Strausberb are his helpers.

All of their meats are cut to order to ensure freshness. Their menu includes hickery smoked ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, turkey breast, hot & mild links. They also have Mike Armstrong’s secret, original sauce. Their homemade sides include beans, slaw, potato salad, and macaroni salad.

They are open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-2pm. Stop in, taste the delicious meats for yourself, and tell your friends about the amazing flavors that Roy’s BBQ has to offer! To learn more you can visit their website at


August 2018 – Customer of the Month

The Nest @ 112

Denise and Stacey saw the need for downtown growth in Hesston, and saw the opportunity to use their passion for entrepreneurship. They had individual dreams, but they took the leap of faith together, and started The Nest @ 112 in the fall of 2016.

One of the many things that makes The Nest @ 112 unique and different, is that they work with local small businesses that offer hand-crafted products. This gives The Nest @ 112 a large and diverse selection of products that they have available. They have products like freshly arranged flowers, clothes, gifts, candy, and freezer meals. They also have a licensed kitchen that anyone can rent.

The next time that you are close to Hesston, stop at The Nest @ 112, and have a look at what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.


July 2018 – Customer of the Month

Carolyn’s Essenhaus

Carolyn’s Essenhaus in Arlington, Kansas was started over 20 years ago, and has even been named a finalist for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine. Many of the Google reviews mention how they enjoy the small-town feel that the restaurant has. They bake pies and donuts made from scratch every day! They also have specials that they only make on certain days. It might be Mexican food, bbq pork sandwiches, pan fried chicken, pork chops, pork roasts, etc. If you ever don’t feel like cooking, or are needing somewhere to take a group, consider Carolyn’s Essenhaus as an option! You won’t be disappointed! For more information visit their website,