Nisly Brothers Careers

Whether you’re looking for your new rewarding career or you’re a college student just looking for a summer job, Nisly Brothers provides profitable, fulfilling, stable positions with a positive company culture.

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CDL Positions

Many of our positions are route drivers, a position that requires a CDL (commercial driver’s license), but we also have non-CDL positions available.Want to be a route driver but don’t have a CDL? No worries! We’re happy to launch your career at Nisly Brothers with helping you get your CDL!

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Non-CDL Positions

We also have a variety of other jobs available that do not require a CDL.

How To Apply:

2. Fill out Your Application

Complete your application and bring it to our office at your convenience. We can’t wait to meet you!

3. Apply in Person

Office number: (620) 662-6561

Office hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 – 5:00; Saturday 8:00 – 12:00

Office address: 5212 S Herren Rd, Hutchinson, KS 67501

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Nisly Brother’s Company Culture

Who We Are

Nisly Brothers is a small, family-owned-and-operated business with our base in rural Hutchinson, KS, and we’ve been operating for over 65 years.Nisly Brothers believes in putting others first and giving our best to serve them. By putting this into practice, our customers have come to love and respect us.

What We Do

We provide residential and commercial trash and recycle collection in the central Kansas counties of Reno, Harvey, Sedgwick, Kingman, Pratt, Barber, Kiowa, and Stafford. We also have dumpster rentals for temporary clean-up projects, and we provide portable toilet rentals and their regular cleanings for residential and commercial customers.

Our Purpose

Trash, recycle, and portable toilet service isn’t glamorous, but there is a need in the community for reliable, quality waste collection, and we seek to serve that need. We are people of faith and strongly believe in doing everything we do to serve God and others. For that reason, we seek to deliver the highest quality service at affordable, reasonable rates.

Our Goals

We have three main goals: Employee well-being which leads to High-quality service which creates Customer satisfaction.

What We Provide Employees

We believe Nisly Brothers is a great place to work partly because of the environment we cultivate for our employees. We work hard to provide our employees with more than just a job and a paycheck.


We hire people of character and cultivate teamwork and connection among our employees. If a conflict arises, talk to your supervisor. However, employees usually work together as friends and lookout for each other. We often say that the best thing about working at Nisly Brothers is your coworkers.


If we hire you, we think you’re trustworthy. If a misunderstanding arises, we trust our employees first.


We see employees as friends and family and support employees both at work and at home.


Our employees’ hard work makes Nisly Brothers’ success possible. We believe that it is important to recognize employees’ hard work, and we honor an employee of the month as well as recognizing employees through quarterly awards and bonuses.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

We are intentional about our work, and we’ve developed our vision, mission, and values statement to communicate what we believe is essential to Nisly Brothers. Our vision is that Nisly Brothers will strive to increase employee satisfaction and tenure, gain market share and customer satisfaction, and maintain an independent, family-owned and operated waste collection business. Our Mission is that Nisly Brothers will succeed by creating an environment where employees are valued and supported, providing customers with exceptional waste collection services at a fair price, and honoring God by serving others.

nisly brothers safety


Safety is always a top priority, and in addition to extensive safety training, we award employees for safe driving.

nisly brothers dependability


In our collective goal of serving others, we expect each employee to reliably uphold his responsibilities.

nisly brothers servanthood


We seek to serve those around us and always put others first. In this way, we show humility and ultimately honor God.

nisly brothers quality


We aim for the highest-quality service possible, and we expect each employee to be willing to go the second mile to deliver a quality experience.

nisly brothers integrity


We do what we say we will and keep our word. We believe in paying fair wages to our employees and charging our customers a fair price. We strive to conduct our lives at work and at home with honesty and integrity.