Milk Jug Owl

Create an Owl with a Milk Jug

childrens recycling crafts milk jug owl

Owls are such a hoot! (😉) If you’re child is enamored with owls or just loves doing craft projects, this is a great project. It takes very little supplies and involves items that are commonly found around the house. Thanks to LeezaB on for the idea.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. An empty 1-gallon milk jug
  2. Two black bottle caps
  3. Two jar lids
  4. Four or Five sheets of thick paper
  5. Elmers glue
  6. Hot glue gun
  7. Two plastic forks
  8. Boiling water
  9. Some white and black paint

How To Make Milk Jug Owl

Step 1. Paint the jug with white paint for a base. Mix white paint with some Elmer’s glue to help the paint stick better to the jug. Make sure the jug gets covered well.

Step 2. Paint feather details on the jug with the black paint (see photo for ideas)

Step 3. Make the beak. Cut out a long triangle that is about the width of the jug handle and color or paint it black.

Step 4. Make the eyes. Paint the outside of the jar lids black and the insides white. Paint the bottle caps black and glue them (top down) to the middle of the inside of the jar lid. Cut a circle of paper for the inside of the bottle cap and color it yellow with a black center. Glue the paper to the inside of the bottle cap

Step 5. Make the paper wings and head. Cut out a 6″ square for the top of the head and two identical wing shaped paper pieces and paint feather details on them.

Step 6. Make the paws from forks. Push two plastic forks into the bottom of a cup/pot of boiling water. By pressing the fork into the bottom it should make the tines bend around 90 degrees from the handle. Once it’s bent pull out and let the water drip off and dry. Then pain the forks black.

Step 7. Put everything together. Cut off the top part of the milk jug with scissors. Using the hot glue gun, glue everything in place except for the fork paws. Start with the eyes and paper beak and then add on the wings and the head top. For the paws, poke two holes where you want the them and stick the forks in them.’

For a video instruction of a milk jug owl you can find a good one here on Youtube.

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