Taco Hut (Hutchinson)

July 2020 – Customer of the Month

This summer marks 50 years since Taco Hut opened their doors in Hutchinson and they are one of the few Taco Hut Restaurants left in the franchise! Angie, the current owner, bought the business in 2011. Her mom has worked there since Angie was little, and Angie started working there as soon as she was old enough to do so.

They believe that their approach in cooking sets them apart from most other fast food restaurants. Cooking from scratch with fresh and local ingredients brings a consistent flavor without the use of preservatives. “Fast, Fresh, and Delicious! Every plate, every day!”

Their employees also set them apart. Customers enjoy seeing the familiar faces of some of the same people that have worked there for lots of years!

To look at their menu and daily specials, go to www.tacohutch.com/index.php

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