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July 2021 – Customer of the Month

David and Jenny Long opened the Omega Auto Clinic in 2017. They quickly outgrew their space in Halstead, and in July 2018, they moved into their current workspace in Newton. They now employ 3 full-time mechanics and 1 salesman. Jenny is a full-time teacher, but in her spare time, she enjoys helping with the bookkeeping.

David has been a mechanic for over 20 years but started focusing on European and Exotic cars in 2010. In 2018, David and Jenny created their YouTube channel, Car Wizard, to share David’s love of cars and car repair. Currently, they have almost 500,000 subscribers and the channel has over 52 million total views.

All it takes is a quick search for “Car Wizard” on Youtube, and you’ll find a huge selection of vehicle-related content that is helpful and informative. The playlists on his channel include “Buy This Car * Not That Car”, “Supercars”, “Car WIZARD advice”, along with many more. In his most viewed video, David shares 10 easy and essential mechanic tips. In March of 2020, they began to add a few videos about motorcycles, boats, and other forms of transportation.

If you are interested in cars, this is a channel for you! David uses his love of cars, his vast car knowledge, and his humor to create entertaining videos for all ages.

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