Firehouse Café

June 2019 – Customer of the Month

“Sound the Alarm! Firefighter-themed restaurants remain a hot trend across the country, including one in Kansas paying homage to this worthy profession. Bobby Sauer opened the Historical Firehouse Café in 2011 after rescuing Hutchinson’s former Fire Station Number 4.
‘Almost everything was pretty much original from when they left, and I kept it that way,’ Sauer says of the decor. ‘When you walk in, old firefighter hats hang on the wall, and their uniforms and boots look like they just came in the door and took them off.’ She even stuffed a pair of pants and boots to give the appearance of a firefighter sliding down the original brass pole from the second floor. Hoses, axes, ladders, a fire hydrant, framed historical photographs, and a mural painted by a local artist and featuring a Hutchinson firefighter all add to the charm.
Sauer serves breakfast and lunch every day except Tuesday, hooking customers with made-from-scratch, large portion menu items such as the Firemen’s Stack (pancakes), the Captain’s Meal (two eggs, two biscuits with gravy, bacon, sausage and pancakes) and the Firehouse Hose Dog (a foot-long, all-beef hot dog topped with chili, cheese and onions).”

-Excerpt from Kansas Magazine.

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