Borntrager Dairy

April 2021 – Customer of the Month

Borntrager Dairy is a small, family owned business that was started 15 years ago by Loyd and Arlene Borntrager. They are grateful that they can have a business where they can work from home and spend more time with their children. The farm store is open 1PM-6PM every day except Wednesday and Sunday. Loyd and Arlene believe that a healthy diet is essential to improving health and strong immune systems. They use all-natural organic practices when producing the food available in their farm store. Their products are all produced on the farm, and include cheese, yogurt, butter, cream, eggs, meat, canned goods, honey, mushrooms, and candy.

Their customers enjoy that they can get farm fresh, clean foods all in one location. Many customers travel from Wichita to the location close to Yoder. One customer wrote a 5-star review saying, “Such warm people and an amazing place to visit. We got cheese, eggs, ice cream and some delicious homemade goodies! We had a great time wandering around
the farm looking at all the animals that they raise.”

If you’d like more information about their products, email them at info@borntragerdairy.com. If you are interested in staying up to date with things that are happening at the farm store, follow their page on Facebook, and visit www.borntragerdairy.com to sign up for their newsletters. Online ordering is also available on their website.

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