Greeting A Real-life Trash Man!

Owner Marvin Nisly was substituting for the regular driver one Thursday in June and he pulled up to service a customer’s trash container. Aubrey came running out with her mom to see the trash truck and driver. Aubrey is an adorable little girl who loves watching the funny kids’ show “Stinky and Dirty” about a trash truck and a backhoe who are friends. Aubrey was excited about seeing our trash truck and saying hello to a real-life trash man!


Aubrey’s mom took this picture of Aubrey with Marvin.

Marvin is President of Nisly Brothers, but when several drivers are gone on vacation at the same time, he will run the occasional route to help out. Marvin and his wife Rosa have seven children and five grandchildren, and Marvin’s little granddaughter, Cadence, is Aubrey’s age. Marvin really enjoyed meeting Aubrey and seeing her enthusiasm for his trash truck!

Here at Nisly Brothers, we love seeing children interact with our trucks and drivers. Many drivers have children on their route who come outside every week to wave at their trash man. Our drivers love these interactions, and we love that we can connect with our communities in this way!

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