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Our Residential Trash Services

Commercial Trash Service in KS

We are intent on dealing with the total waste stream. With our full line of trash services we also offer services for responsibly disposing recyclables. This includes a recycling bin for your recycling needs. This means that alongside residential curbside trash collection you also get recycling service. Whatever your residential trash pickup and commercial garbage disposal needs are, we are here to provide for you.

Our recycling program is voluntary, and it is simple to participate. In some cities recycling is included with the cost of trash disposal, but in most areas there is a small fee for the cart and monthly collection. Call us at (866) 662-6561 for a free recyclables bin to get started.

Commercial Trash Service in KS

We also offer our residential trash pickup service to people where a weekly pickup is not desired. This includes farmers, people in remote areas, and more. The service is basically the same except that we provide a bigger trash cart–a 2, 3, or 4 yd commercial container–than with the curbside pickup. Although this is a commercial container we use it as a residential service.

Whatever, wherever, or whenever you needs, we work hard to provide you with the garbage pickup service right for you.

Commercial Trash Service in KS

Are you in a situation where you have a hard time getting your trash out to the curb for pickup? We will go the second mile to take care of your waste collection. This includes backyards, properties far from the curb, and other harder-to-reach areas.

We offer backyard trash pickup for the handicapped, the elderly, those with long driveways, and more. Call us Toll-Free at (866) 662-6561 to get started.

Commercial Trash Service in KS

Are you cleaning house and getting rid of big household items and other larger-than-normal items? One of the most popular benefits of our Residential Trash Pickup Service is our Everything Goes approach. This means no extra charge for extra trash.* It includes most things like old furniture, spring cleanup items, and more. Contact Us at (866) 662-6561 to find out more about large item collection and your contract.

* Some restrictions apply, please call (866) 662-6561 for details.

Commercial Trash Service in KS

We provide you with 95-gallon trash carts/polycarts. All you have to do as a customer is throw your bagged trash into the polycart and set the cart out along the curb. Then when we come along at our scheduled time and empty it into our big trash pickup trucks. Our curbside pickup is intended to make it as easy as possible for you to dispose of your trash. We do everything we can to make this happen.

Your job: set your trash along the curb for collection.
Our job: make the trash disposing process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. 

Please note that we DO NOT accept or dispose of hazardous materials. We CANNOT permit loading of chemicals, paints, cleaners, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, corrosive and explosive materials, used motor oil, and other liquids and hazardous materials. Also we cannot accept appliances containing or previously containing refrigerant unless they have been properly discharged and documentation can be given to trash pickup truck driver to confirm discharge.

We recommend the following location for hazardous waste disposal:
(This facility is open to Reno County residents.)

Reno County Solid Waste Complex
703 S Mohawk Road
Hutchinson, KS 67501
(620) 694-2586

Hours of operation: 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Saturday

Our Residential Trash Pickup Area

Newton, Hesston, Sterling, Stafford, Kiowa, Pratt, Barber, Kingman, and Reno County

Trash Pickup Service area in Kansas

Our Other Trash Pickup & Waste Management Services

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Commercial Trash Service in KS

We offer commercial trash service in central Kansas. We offer a variety of trash containers. Choose from 2-8 cubic yard containers. If you are located in Harvey, Barber, Kingman, Stafford, Kiowa, Pratt, or Reno County then we can offer you a full line of trash pickup services.

We are committed to great customer service and maintaining clean good-looking properties year round. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today. 


Quality trash pickup services go beyond getting rid of the trash. We also strive to protect our environment. Thus we offer recycling services as well. We make it easy for you to be part of saving our environment. We provide the additional container needed as well as pick up your recyclables.

Join us in saving our environment. We are here to keep your neighborhood clean and green. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today. 

trash pickup and roll of dumpsters

Are you a construction company, a remodeler, or even a homeowner fixing up your house? If so we have the services you need. We have roll off dumpsters for rent to provide just what you need. Choose any size from a 15 to 40 cubic yard capacity and we will do the rest.

Whatever the size and whenever the service, we have a container to keep your property clean and neat. Call (866) 662-6651 to get started today. 

trash pickup and concrete washout dumpster

Our goal is to provide a variety of trash containers sizes and styles to meet specific needs. One of these specific styles is our water tight, concrete washout dumpsters. They are built to contain contaminated water and keep it from going into the drainage system or other place where it could harm the environment.

We keep you looking good even in difficult and specialty trash disposal needs. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today.

porta potty and trash pickup

We have a full line of portable toilet rentals both as regular units and as handicapped-accessible units. Whether commercial, industrial, or residential, we provide for your portable toilet needs. These toilets accommodate a variety of situations including construction sites, sports events, special occasions, celebrations, and more.

We go the extra mile to keep your toilets clean and looking good. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today. 

luxury bathrooms and trash pickup in ks

Are you looking for a luxury portable restroom for a special event? Do you want more than the standard portable toilet? These luxurious restroom trailers are comfortable and a joy to use. They come with air conditioning, running water, flushing toilets, full sized mirror, finished floor, indoor decor and other home-like luxuries.

We take portable restrooms to a new level with our luxury restroom rentals. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today.