Roll Off Container Service FAQ

What roll off container sizes do you have?

We offer 20, 30, or 40 cubic yard roll off containers. These three sizes are all 22’ long and 8’ wide. They are 4’, 6’, and 8’ high.

Should I get a roll off or a commercial-sized temporary container?

If you have any really large or heavy items, the roll off is certainly a better option for you. It has a swinging door on one end so you can simply carry large items into the container. The 8 cubic yard temporary container has a front side of 4’ so you need to lift objects over that 4’ side. For most major cleanups, a roll off is the simplest option, but if you have a lot of small yard or house waste that is simply too much to put in your cart, an 8 yard container may be the best option.

What can I put in a roll off container?

Our roll off containers are perfect for yard waste, household cleanup or remodels, and construction or demolition projects.

Our disposal sites cannot accept hazardous waste such as liquids, paints, chemicals, cleaners, etc. The disposal sites also can’t accept appliances or tires in a roll off load with other items.

Our disposal sites also cannot accept any regular trash items like paper, plastics, and food waste in construction or demolition containers from construction companies.

If you have further questions, please call or text our office (620) 662-6561.

How can I order a roll off?

Check out this link to order your roll off online today. Or you can always call or text us at (620) 662-6561 to place your order.

How long can I keep a roll off rental?

The rent for seven days is included in the full price you pay when you order your roll off rental. However, if you need to keep the container longer than seven days, the daily rental rate is $6 + tax.

How much disposal do I get with the container price?

The price of a 20 cubic yard roll off includes 3 tons of disposal, a 30 yard includes 4 tons, and a 40 yard includes 5 tons of disposal.

When do I need to pay for my roll off?

We require payment when you order your roll off, and that payment includes delivery, removal, disposal, and rent for seven days. Typically, if you order your roll off to be dumped and returned for a second load, we would also take that payment when you place that order. If you need to keep your roll off longer than the included seven days, those extra charges will be billed to you unless you prefer to call in to pay those charges.

How soon can you deliver a roll off?

We have a quick service policy and guarantee next-day delivery or sooner! But if you have a specific time frame that you need the container to be delivered, it’s always better to order the container earlier to ensure we can accommodate your time frame.

Where should I have the roll off placed?

This depends on your project, but often our drivers place roll offs in driveways or on the street in front of the house or project site. However, the area must be free of low-hanging wires that could present a safety issue to the drivers when delivering the container. The hoist to lift the roll off goes 22’ high, so make sure the spot you’ve chosen has plenty of room.

Do I need to be there when you deliver my roll off?

You do not need to be present at delivery if you give us clear placement instructions when you order the roll off and if our driver can reach you by phone if he has questions. It is always best to be on-site at delivery.

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