Roll Off Terms and Conditions

This form includes important information on dumpster usage and our pricing and payment policies. Questions? Please ask! We’re available during office hours at (620) 662-6561 or via email at service@nislybrothers.com

Price Includes:

  • Delivery, Final Removal, Rental for up to 7 days.
  • In counties where there is a disposal charge, there is an estimated tonnage included. If the final tonnage goes over the included estimated tonnage, an additional charge will be generated.
    • 20yd: 3 estimated tons
    • 30yd: 4 estimated tons
    • 40yd: 5 estimated tons
  • After the included 7 days, an additional rental charge of $6.00 plus tax per day will be charged until the container is removed.
  • If you fill the container, then need it emptied and brought back to your location, an additional charge will be generated.

Placement Qualifications:

  • The truck and container can be very heavy when loading and may damage lawns, sidewalks, or driveways. (see liability release below)
    • The container must be placed on a solid surface.
  • An adult must be on-site when the driver arrives at the location for delivery.
  • The container must be accessible on removal day, or a return trip charge will be added.


  • Items Not Allowed:
    • Hazardous waste such as wet paint, chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides.
    • Appliances containing Freon such as air conditioners and refrigerators.
    • Tires mixed into the load. Tires found in a load will be charged $25.00 per tire. If you have tires that need to be removed, please call our office, and we’ll give options.
    • Hot ashes or coals. Ashes from a fireplace must be placed in a metal container for 7 days before placing into the container.
    • Waste containing liquids.
    • Propane tanks or fuel tanks of any size.
    • Heavy materials such as concrete, dirt, or brick, unless a 15 yard is ordered.
  • Do Not Overfill Container!
    • Do not fill the container over the top. Debris MUST NOT be hanging outside the container. The driver must be able to tarp and load the container without damaging the tarp or equipment.
  • Legal Weight Limit
    • The maximum tonnage that is legal is 10 tons. 
    • In the event the contents of the container are heavier than the allowable weight, the overage will be billed at the standard rate. All additional charges will be charged to the method of payment on file

Container Size Availability:

  • If the requested size is not available, we will contact you.

Liability Release:

I hereby agree to release and indemnify and hold harmless, to the fullest extent permissible by law, Nisly Brothers, Inc., its officials, officers, employees, and agents, from any and all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, cost, and expenses of every character whatsoever, including without limitation: damage to property or persons arising directly or indirectly from the obligation herein undertaken, or out of, or connected with Nisly Brothers’ service to me.

By checking the box below you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the above terms and conditions.

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