Hutchinson Library

January 2020 – Customer of the Month

Does the winter ever feel like it will never end? What activities do you and your children like to do when it’s too cold to play outside?
This month we are featuring what the Hutchinson Public Library has to offer. Whether you are looking for activities for adults or children, the Library has lots of options for you to consider!
Adults can choose from a wide variety of activities. They can learn a new computer program, join a book club, buy used books from the Friendship Bookstore, or attend workshops. Talk20 is a popular activity for adults to attend.
The library also has different activities that your children can attend when they are tired of being stuck at home. They can attend children’s story time, workshops, or spend the day reading books in the peaceful library atmosphere.
If you are looking for a specific book and the library doesn’t have it available, you can borrow the book through an interlibrary loan. The library also has audio books, music and e-books that you can borrow.
When you are feeling like the winter will never end, participate in some of these activities that your local library has to offer, or you can borrow a book that will transport you into the story.

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