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February 2022 – Customer of the Month

Todd & Lynnette Hendrickson both graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City in 1996. Twenty-five years ago, they started Hendrickson Chiropractic at 508 N Main St in Newton. In 2016, Dr. Todd & Dr. Lynnette opened a second location at 111 W Smith St in Hesston. They offer a wide variety of care for people in all different stages of life. Dr. Lynnette specializes in pediatric and pregnancy care, while Dr. Todd specializes in sports and work-related injuries. They both also speak on a wide variety of topics; some of the issues they talk about include preventing work injuries, arthritis, organic eating, ADHD, and much more. In addition to regular chiropractic care, Dr. Todd & Dr. Lynnette offer acupuncture, decompression, and other therapeutic modalities. They also sell nutritional supplements as well! If you are looking for a family-operated business with great values, look no further than Hendrickson Chiropractic:

They promise to put your body in good hands!

Call 316-283-6363 or go online at hendricksonchiropractic.com to make an appointment today!

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