Guardians of the Children

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At Nisly Brothers, we were honored to again participate in the Guardians of the Children Bicycle Challenge in April (2019). Guardians of the Children was hosting their “10th Annual Child Abuse Awareness Kids’ Day” and asked the community to donate bikes as raffle prizes for the children in attendance.

Guardians of the Children is a volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization made up of a body of bikers who pledge to spread the message of “No More Child Abuse.” These bikers provide emotional support and safety for children who have been abused and must face their abusers in the courtroom setting. GOC has an “adoption” process to make each child feel like part of the GOC family, and GOC makes sure each child knows that they are not alone. We appreciate their efforts and their cause, and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity for the last several years to donate bicycles to GOC and the children they support.

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