The Foundation of Meaningful Relationships

Character Core of the Month

Have you ever met someone and soon sensed that the person was trustworthy? What was it about them that caused you to trust their intentions? Was it because they said that you could trust them, or was it because their actions said you could trust them? When trying to build or regain trust, the proverb, “Actions speak louder than words”, is the best advice.

Trust is the foundation of any meaningful relationship. It is the glue that holds our small world together. Trust solidifies friendships and teams. It allows people to live and work together and provides a sense of belonging and safety.

If you are looking for specific ways to build or regain trust, here are a few ideas on how you can make your “Actions speak louder than words.”
1. Be True to your Word.
Say what you will do, then follow through with it. If you only do half of the things that you say you will do, it is difficult for your friends and family to know when to believe you. Earn the reputation of being someone who won’t break his/her commitments.

2. Be Consistent.
Consistency brings stability to any relationship. It brings a sense of predictability and reliability that is essential to meaningful relationships.

3. Develop Good Communication Skills.
Communication is one of the most important components of trust. It is difficult for people with differing communication styles to completely understand each other without a conscious effort. When the conversation is a disagreement or negotiation it is especially important to never leave the conversation until everyone is on the same page.

4. Think of what your Body Language and Facial Expressions are saying.
Ever since we were little, we automatically began to learn how to read other people’s body language and facial expressions. As we get older, we can subconsciously make decisions on whether someone is telling the truth or not. You can read people’s feelings from across the room.

Trust is a choice that is based on people’s actions, and occasionally people’s words. If a relationship is important to you, do your best to earn and keep the trust of the other person. This trust is difficult to describe, but it is easy to see when the trust is broken. Broken trust causes fragmentation, conflict, and suspicion. Earned trust gives people a reputation of credibility and dependability.

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