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Commercial Garbage Disposal Services


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Comprehensive Trash Services for Commercial Locations

Nobody enjoys working in a messy environment. We are committed to making trash management and cleanup as carefree as possible for your business so you and your employees can do what you do best. With a wide range of services available and a commitment to dependable, quality service you can trust us to assist you in maintaining a mess-free, environmentally-friendly work environment.

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Please note that we DO NOT accept or dispose of hazardous materials. We CANNOT permit loading of chemicals, paints, cleaners, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, corrosive and explosive materials, used motor oil, and other liquids and hazardous materials. Also we cannot accept appliances containing or previously containing refrigerant unless they have been properly discharged and documentation can be given to trash pickup truck driver to confirm discharge.

For Reno County residents we recommend disposing of your hazardous materials at the Reno County Landfill.

Commercial Trash Service Areas

Harvey, Barber, Kingman, Stafford, Kiowa, Pratt, Sedgwick and Reno County

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Commercial Trash Service Customer Reviews

Merrill Yoder was pleasant and easy to work with and when James delivered the dumpster I enjoyed a visit with him. I called this morning to have a dumpster brought over and James delivered it this afternoon.

Bart Groening

Nisly Brothers provide a top-notch service for our company and they are always prompt and friendly. They do a great job!

Linda Dryden

We want to compliment our driver Dean. He is excellent. Friendly, and very helpful; as if a little trash spills out in the wind, he gets out of his truck to pick it up. Bless his heart. He deserves the highest rating!! Thanks for a friendly, dependable, helpful, courteous, careful driver. We appreciate your business! Thanks: Leroy and Dawn Dyck Featherland Farms 10435 N. West Rd. Hesston, Ks 67062

Leroy Dyck

Nisly Trash service men are easy to work with and we appreciate the timely service of coming to empty our trash can and recycle bins. Thank you!!

Tina Stropes

You have great service and friendly personnel. We can always rely on them.

Linda Dryden

Review for our driver (Dean)
He does an excellent job, if we don’t have the dumpster rolled out for pickup, he is willing to get out of the truck and move it, unlike the driver from our previous Trash Service Company.

Wayne Hiebert

We love the service we have from Nisly Brothers. Any time we’ve had problems, (people dumping trash in dumpster, etc) they’ve been very helpful. Dean will talk with the children and the children love watching him dump the bin. He even gives them a little honk when he leaves. Thank you for everything!!

Pepper Stephey

The trash service is excellent. Dean, our driver, is friendly and does a great job every week!

CD Custom Enterprises

“My driver, Dean, is awesome! We have an auto repair business, so sometimes there is a car in the way – he finds a way to move/dump the bin without bothering me. He always has a smile on his face and is prompt to pick up my trash! Thank you, Dean!”

Paul J Christophel

The service provided to us by Nisly Brothers and their driver Jacob is excellent. The area around our collection vessel is always tidy and free of any spillage. Jacob frequently comes into our business to relay information as well as purchasing a drink. Can’t think of any area for improvement but again we do appreciate your service.

Rod Blasi