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Recycling Instructions

For your convenience, download the quick reference guide to print and place by your recycle bin.
For your future reference, download the single stream recycling guide.

Plastic bags pose a problem at the sorting facility. The bags get tangled up in the sorting machinery and can damage it. Please never bag recyclable items and remove all plastic bags from your cart before placing it along the curb. Thank you for your understanding!

Acceptable Items

  • glass jars and bottles
  • aluminum and tin cans
  • plastic recyclable containers with a symbol from 1-7
  • paper: newspapers, office papers, books, phone books, etc
  • cardboard: boxes, cereal boxes, etc
  • Wood, Metal, Cardboard, & Concrete for LEEDS Commerical Containers


Non-Acceptable Items

  • aerosol cans
  • batteries & electronics
  • shredded paper
  • oil and paint cans
  • hazardous waste materials
  • ceramics
  • crystal
  • mirrors, winshields, light bulbs, & window glass
  • styrofoam
  • food waste, yard waste, trash, etc

Instructions & Guide

  • For residential curbside pickup, place your cart beside curb by 5:00AM.
  • Please do not bag or bundle recyclables. Simply place them into your recycle container. 
  • Recycle bins are only for recyclables and NOT for trash.
  • Include only containers with a recycling symbol of 1-7. (Label on lid shows number.)
  • Empty and rinse recyclable plastic containers.
  • Remove caps, lids, and rings from bottles
  • Labels DO NOT need to be removed.
  • Recyclables DO NOT need need to be sorted unless recycle bin is marked for a specific item.
  • Please flatten cardboard boxes before placing into your bin.
  • Recyclable Paper MUST be clean and dry.

Our Full Line of Waste Management Services

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trash and recycling pickup n ks

We are located in Hutchinson, KS. We offer our trash services to this area and beyond. As a family owned business we work hard to please our customers and make trash disposal a hassle-free process. You can depend on us to take care of your trash quickly and professionally.

We keep your property looking good and clean. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today. 

recycling bin and waste disposal bins

Our commercial garbage disposal includes a waste bin/container ranging from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards. We mechanically empty the container into a collection truck. The process only take a minute or two. We come in and get out without disrupting your daily business activities.

We are committed to great customer service and maintaining clean good-looking properties year round. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today. 

roll off dumpsters and recycling bins

Whether you are a construction company, a remodeler, or even a homeowner fixing up your house, we have the services you need. Our roll off dumpster bins range in size from 15 to 40 cubic yards. All you have to do is choose your size and give us a call, we will do the rest.

Whatever the size and whenever the service, we have a container to keep your property clean and neat. Call (866) 662-6651 to get started today. 

concrete washout and recycling bin dumpsters

We provide a variety of container sizes and styles to meet specific needs. We also offer a water-tight, concrete washout dumpsters for handling hazardous waste. Our specialty waste containers are built to contain contaminated concrete water and materials that could harm the environment.

We keep you looking good even in difficult and specialty trash disposal needs. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today.

portable toilet rentals in ks

Our full line of portable toilet rentals come as both regular units and as handicapped-accessible units. The toilets can be used for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. They are great for construction sites, sports events, special occasions, celebrations, and more.

We go the extra mile to keep your toilets clean and looking good. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today. 

luxury bathrooms in ks

Are you looking for a luxury portable restroom rental for a special event? Do you want more than the standard portable toilet? These luxurious restroom trailers are comfortable and easy to use. They come with air conditioning, running water, flushing toilets, a full sized mirror, finished floor, and other home-like luxuries.

We take portable restrooms to a new level with our luxury restroom rentals. Call (866) 662-6561 to get started today.