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Excellent service from your Company. Always quick to answer the phone and answer any questions that I might have to ask. Very polite and courteous.

Jo Shelton

Excellent service and friendly people.

Joann Brandt

Prompt, dependable, efficient, are words that describe Nisly Brothers Trash Service I don’t do it often, but when I have extra trash items that won’t fit in or on the container, the driver always accommodates by taking these items too. I think Nisly’s has done more than most service companies to try and hold down prices.

Wayne Jarmer

Awesome service and thank you for always being on time. To the young man who has the north of 56th & Monroe route THANK YOU for always smiling and waving at us drivers on our way to work! You rock

Mikki Underwood

Our driver is Jordan. He is always on time, neat as a pin, friendly and dependable. Once when we had forgotten to put the trash out by the curb (we have a long driveway) – he came up to the house and asked if we needed our trash dumped. He always waves if we are in the yard and his greeting is always “Good Morning”. We could not ask for a better driver!!! Thank you for your service and God Bless You All !!!

Janice Garton

We want to compliment our driver Dean. He is excellent. Friendly, and very helpful; as if a little trash spills out in the wind, he gets out of his truck to pick it up. Bless his heart. He deserves the highest rating!! Thanks for a friendly, dependable, helpful, courteous, careful driver. We appreciate your business! Thanks: Leroy and Dawn Dyck Featherland Farms 10435 N. West Rd. Hesston, Ks 67062

Leroy Dyck

I live in the country about 50 miles away from Hutchinson. I love that I not only have trash service available for my family, but that it is affordable. Unfortunately, I do not know our drivers’ names because they generally arrive at my home to dump our trash before dawn. I appreciate their dedication and having the opportunity to have trash service where we live.

We’ve been using Nisly Brothers Trash Services for more than ten years, and I wouldn’t consider going with anyone else.

Thank you!

Sarah Jackson

We have Jordan who takes super good care of us! We so appreciate his willingness to serve and his friendliness! His work ethics are to be greatly commended!

James Hart

Doing a great job — keep up the good work

Dennis Ratzlaff

I requested help with removing 2 old couches – Nisly’s said they would be happy to help!
One gentleman arrived & loaded them in the trash truck by himself – he was very nice & we are 2 very grateful 80 plus year olds.
We do not remember the mans name – hopefully he can be found by our address.
We could never be without Nisly’s ! Thanks very much!

Grace Kittle

We have used Nisly Brothers Trash Service for many years and have been very pleased with your service. You take customer service seriously and strive for excellence and fulfillment in work that many would consider beneath their dignity. Keep up the good work.

Harry Shenk

One morning our steeply sloped driveway was too icy for us to get the polycart to the road. Without our knowledge, the Nisly driver took it to the truck & returned it to its spot by the house. Talk about going above & beyond!

Jill Foss

Excellent! Clean & no odor

Marlin Miller

Love the service! Thank you

Kim Hendrickson

Your company is excellent. I have this service for my elderly in laws in Garden Plain and you walk up to get the can take it empty it and you bring it back to the house and you always put it right back exactly where it goes. . You have no idea how much this helps. We appreciate your workers and company very much!

Jennifer Church

Titus is an awesome garage man. He picks up in Haven. If there’s bags next to can or sum falls out when dumping he always gets out if the truck and picks it up. That to me shows he cares about the neighborhood. Thank you Titus for caring so much.

Matt Berumen

We get good service and the people are always friendly.

Penny Wilt

Nisly do a great job. They are always polite

James R Leonard

My trash service is excellent!!! Our Trashman goes above and beyond what he is suppose to do!!!! Thanks for the great service!!!!

Michelle Chance

They are so helpful and friendly. Once when I forgot to put my trash out they grabbed it for me! ❤️ Awesome addition to our small town

Ashley Taylor

They are prompt and if they come through and see trash lying on the ground, they pick it up and put it in the dumpster or if it is not be in in the trash, they set it off to the side. This way we can take care of the item.

Terri Pike

They provide fantastic service and always go above and beyond to make sure that the customers’ needs are met.

Dustin Ketchum

I am always pleased with your service. There are times when I am leaving for work as you pull in for trash service. They always wait until I pull out before getting the trash. This is appreciated so much!

Lisa Raney

You guys are awesome you should push your service to the people on my street who use the nasty waste management . They are Corporate greedy people. I myself love families. Thanks

Mark C. Hopp

I am impressed with your service! I have left treats out for the young man who picks up at our address. We have been out of town a couple of times and he has walked up to the garage to get our dumpster.
Please consider our serviceman as a winner, we sure do!
Carol and Jeff Stockton

Carol Stockton

Our Nisly Garbage and recycling guys are the best! They are kind, thoughtful and helpful!!

Priscilla Hoyt

They do a great job! They have made friends with our dog who welcomes them with barking every time they visit!

Stephanie A Ravenstien

Nisly Trash service men are easy to work with and we appreciate the timely service of coming to empty our trash can and recycle bins. Thank you!!

Tina Stropes

Excellent. Lower prices than others. Great customer service. I might suggest a text message reminder system for the pick up date the day before. Just a thought since I occasionally do forget (my own fault of course, but it would help tremendously).

Brandi Lewis

We love our route man. We are every other week and whenever we forget it is THAT week, he comes in the yard and grabs our dumpster! We live in the country so he has to come off the road to get it. Thanks for going above and beyond!!

Pam Dold

I love the service, most of the time I see my driver and always give a big wave, that is a job that is hard, dirty and lately extremely hot. I appreciate everything they do!!!!! Keep up the awesome job….

Maureen E Spain

You guys are amazing! When we first moved to the area there were several occasions that I forgot to roll our carts out to the road. Your guys, knowing we were new, would walk up to our house and get them! And we always very kind when we did speak with them. Thank you!

Denise Smith

I have the BEST trash man, hands down!!!!

Amanda Mayfield

My pick up guy never forgets even though my so may not put the dumpster out.

Lynann Hageman

Nisly Brothers, Inc. are a great local refuse service that still believes in being personable and responsive for their customers. We love them!

Thad K Bartley

Always great service!! We have only lived in Kansas for 10 years, but have always had Nisly Brothers. Wonderful service!! Thank you!

Joe & Debbie Price

Great Services and friendly staff! We appreciate all the hard work! Thank you all!

Tiffini Clark

We appreciate the promptness and thoroughness of our trash pick-up–The collectors leave the area cleared and the cart upright and in place. Thanks!

Lin Craig-Sangals

We’ve enjoyed prompt, reliable service. The pickup schedule is such that we have plenty of time in the morning to get the trash to the street, if we don’t forget it’s pickup day. We try to help make their job a little easier when we have extra trash by having it neatly packaged for the pickup guys.

Dennis Rymon

Jacob is our route person. Doni (my wife) and I appreciate the wonderful job he and his predecessors have done over the 26 years. Thank you it feels as if you are a part of our family.


Customer service! I haven’t needed to call very often but when I do your staff is so helpful! Our trash is always picked up on time.

Barbara Scheuler

I don’t know who our driver is but they have always gone above and beyond for us!

Serena Kennel

Excellent. Always willing to turn around or wait if I occasionally forget to take the cart to the road.

Brandi Lewis

Always picks up early. We pay extra to have trash picked up near house. He always gets it all and never leaves a mess of trash following behind him.

Bob Kopfman

You do a great job at our apartment community! Thank you for taking the time to talk to my maintenance guy if we have any questions. Overall, thank you for the great service!

Kelsey Hastings

You have great service and friendly personnel. We can always rely on them.

Linda Dryden

Alex was nice and friendly when he brought out our dumpster for our move. Thanks

Del Rey Carlson

My most recent interaction with Vince Miller was when he delivered a roll-off container to my house. I was seriously impressed. I already knew he was hardworking, dependable and friendly, but this last job really proved to me how knowledgeable he is and what an amazing driver he is. First, he knew EXACTLY which size dumpster we’d need, and he wasted no time in delivering it. However, what really got me was his skill. I have a carport, and trees, and plastic sprinkler heads and not a lot of margin for where the dumpster could go. I swear, people, if I had not seen him put it there with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it! I still don’t really know how he got it positioned where he did, and he made sure to position it so as to be easily accessible to us and stayed off the lawn (most importantly, OFF THE SPRINKLER HEADS), and he did it in like a 3 or 4 point turn. Even my husband was like, “How’d he do that?!” and everyone else that saw it asked the same thing. I would just answer, “Voodoo and a little eye-of-newt. Just kidding, Vincent is just really freaking good at his job.” And he is…every aspect of his job.


Jonathan usually honks and at least waves to the kids. Because we homeschool, we are usually home when he gets here. This also means that on a couple of ridiculously windy Kansas days, we have picked up our neighbors’ trash when their dumpsters have blown over several times before Jonathan got there for the scheduled trash pickup. We chose NOT to put our bin out until we heard the truck coming and got busy homeschooling, again. By the time we heard the truck, we thought we had missed him. We found him and a partner cleaning up trash in the neighborhood, that had blown back over after we’d gone back inside earlier. Impressive.
He was also very patient and understanding and even thanked us for waiting to take ours out until he was actually there.


Jeff is always clean-cut and friendly. Before I realized that I could pay for an additional recycling dumpster, I always had extra in the receptacle from my garage, out next to my bin. If Jeff was cursing me under his breath for having to get out of his truck to collect my additional recycling, he never let on and even took the time to walk my bin up, since he was already out of the truck anyway, a time or two.


Jordan at Nisly is a wonderful trashman! Always friendly, always helpful and ALWAYS does a good job. For such a young man, it’s hard to find one that hardworking, but you’ve got it with him!

Malena Dye

The driver who left off the dumpster was Alex. He was very cordial, neat and introduced himself when he first arrived; a very favorable first impression. My phone contact was likewise friendly and helpful. I will use your service again.

Richard Hooper

You all do a great job! There is never any trash left behind. There is never any trash flying around while the trash is being picked up. Also I would like to give a thank you for helping with clean up Greensburg day. Help hauling away big things was a blessing. As for things you could change, I don’t see a thing.. Keep up the good work.

Virginia Burnham

We have never had any complaints in all the years that you have served Greensburg

Rod Hesser

I’m pretty sure I clicked 5 Star. You guys do a great job. Trash is collected weekly as the agreement states. Even if it’s a holiday week or the weather is nuts, they make it down.

Kasha charlton

I have zero complaints with the company or drivers. They never fail to pick up my dumpsters even on the days I was slow on getting them off the curb. And that shows they have pride in there job and company. Excellent company

Terry Whitten

We are thoroughly impressed with our trash service! Our only complaint is we wish recycling was picked up twice a month!

Jennifer Davis

Very good service and our driver and pick up person, Jordan,does a very good job

Larry Poplin

We are very happy with the service we receive. We have an excellent driver. He goes beyond any driver of any trash service we have ever had. We have discussed him with friends and other family with other service and they are all amazed at how our driver takes care of us. Our driver, Jordan, has actually come up to our house and got our poly cart on two occasions when we forgot to put it out by the roadside. We thank him so much and at one time did call the office and asked the person that answered the phone to thank him for us.

Ron Touzel

Friendly employees. Great service!!

Dallas Weippert

The gentleman who delivered my trash dumpster was very, very pleasant to talk to and was able to put the trash dumpster where we wanted it. Thank you!

Jessica Seeney

Review for our driver (Dean)
He does an excellent job, if we don’t have the dumpster rolled out for pickup, he is willing to get out of the truck and move it, unlike the driver from our previous Trash Service Company.

Wayne Hiebert

We love the service we have from Nisly Brothers. Any time we’ve had problems, (people dumping trash in dumpster, etc) they’ve been very helpful. Dean will talk with the children and the children love watching him dump the bin. He even gives them a little honk when he leaves. Thank you for everything!!

Pepper Stephey

The trash service is excellent. Dean, our driver, is friendly and does a great job every week!

CD Custom Enterprises

Dean is always on time and neat. Thank you for the great service

allen richardson

We have been cleaning out our parents house. Recycling had built up for a number of weeks because it was too windy to put it out. Your driver, Arthur, took time to get off the truck and cheerfully help me load and dump numerous dumpster loads. I appreciated his attitude and helpfulness.

Denise Melgren

I have been pleased with Nisly from day one. Everyone I have spoken to is courteous. I have recycling service also, but I could only choose one option.

Jamie Newman

My collecter is always so friendly and courteous. Great service!! Thank you

carolyn heath

Great service! When we first moved to the area and set up service we forgot to have our trash cart near street the first few times. The guys would walk over and get it for us! Always friendly customer service!

Denise Smith

Alex was our delivery person…can’t say enough positive/wonderful comments about the service he provided.
Very professional and positive sounding on the phone. Called 20 minutes ahead of delivery to notify us so we could be there to clarify the drop -off location (on a farm in a pasture). My husband was just delighted with him and his worth ethic and his personality. Exudes what you want in the people that represent you!
Just a great experience!!!

Mary McCurry

Now that it is spring we have the doors open, my 3 year old loves watching the truck come through. Today our driver Arthur came up to the door and asked if it was OK for him to have one of the foam trucks. He was super excited tell him “Thank you from the Lowes”.

Anderson Lowe

You guys do a great job. Thank you.

ashley cromer

Always dependable, prompt, & friendly.

Joyce Foley

Nisly does great work. It’s great that on those rare occasions when you have a bit too much trash to fit into the bin, they just take it away without charging you extra. Great company!

Kiley Hicks

Do a great job at a good price. Keep up the good work

Dennis Ratzlaff

Arthur is a great person, very friendly. He took all of my trash and I had 2 weeks worth of it . He was very understanding.

Kayla hudgeons

We are always surprised when we go to put trash in our dumpster because the truck has came and emptied it without us knowing they were there. Very pleased with the service we have received out here in the country. So much safer to use your dumpster than to use a burn barrel. We have even gave the information to the neighbors to use your service. Thank you for being there.

Martha Sheetz

The recycle program is the best! I am very happy with the driver and wish I knew his name. I’m in Cunningham KS and the driver has come back to make a pick up after we forgot to get the bin out. What great service!

Elena DeBeau

You all just do a great job. Never have had poor service!! Keep it up!

Christa Swartz

Alex was great. Couldn’t be happier. Will definitely get another dumpster.

Barry Morrison

I just want to Thank You for picking up the bags of leaves that are left on the curb by the trash. When the City of Haven picked up trash, they would only take what was in the container. Thank you again!!!

Vicki Gilmore

Excellent job and always on time.

Craig Siebert

I like that you provide prompt, reliable service. Always clean, never any trash blowing up and down the streets. Website and giveaways are awesome also!
Thank you!


Your drivers are great. I wish I knew their name so I could thank them personally. We are so fortunate to have the type of recycling service that we do. Some folks aren’t so fortunate. Thank you!!

LYNN Hedger

You guys do great!! Absolutely no complaints!

Stephanie A Ravenstien

Excellent service! In our case- recycle weekly and trash every other week would be better, because we recycle almost everything.

Mark Meyer

Always pick up on time and never have trash laying around the bins after pick up. Very polite crew!

Jessica Schmidt

We have always had excellent service from Nisly’s! Jordan is awesome! So polite, dependable, and helpful. We forgot a time or two to put the trash by the road and he took care of it anyway! Thank you for such great service! May God continue to bless your business!

Jim & Patty Hart

Best service, always polite and go out of their way to take care of their customers! Wish we could have Nisly for our trash service as well, instead of Waste Connections. Thank you for a great experience!

Jesse Nickel

We have always been able to get a dumpster whenever needed and Earl usually delivers it. He is very polite and always makes sure the guys have what they need before he leaves. Would definitely recommend them.

Greg Corwin

In October of 2016, we hired a company in Wichita to provide portable toilets for our son’s wedding. They overbooked the weekend and had to bring in a Porta-Lisa from Nisly. It was wonderful! There is a port to attach a water hose for hand washing. Our guests were very impressed! Next time we will go straight to Nisly. Also, we have had great trash service for years now from Nisly. Thank you Nisly company!

Mrs. Roy Vulgamore

Arthur is a great driver. Always takes the time to wave and honk to our young children. He is a pleasure to have in Pretty Prairie! He has always says “Hi” when we run into him in the City Office.

Sara A Hodgkins

In all the years I have been in the construction business I have never had a company so dedicated to service. I have made countless phone calls for immediate service and every time they bend over backwards to make it happen. Their drivers are amazing and professional. Wish I could take them to the next project! Thank you Nisly Brothers for awesome service.

Bob Welch

“I would appreciate Nisly Brothers management to extend upmost appreciation to our weekly driver, Jordan. Please let him know what a great job he is doing, we appreciate him going the extra mile every Monday. He has had several interactions with my oldest son, my son has said several times how nice and how hard this gentleman works. Time to time my sons chore is to take the trash out to the roadside but like any teenager forgets. Our driver goes the extra mile to drive himself over to the trash location to pick it up rather than driving away. As a father of 2 teenage boys we obviously go through a lot of trash weekly and this helps tremendously when our driver shows the work ethic to go the extra mile. Nisly Brothers, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!”


Great customer service for starters. Ordering the roll off was simple and quick. The lady that I spoke to was polite. She made sure that I was fully taken care of and answered every question I asked her. The roll off arrived on time and the gentleman (Earl) was polite and professional. The gentleman who picked the dumpster up (Alex) was polite, professional and even informed me of neighbors in my area that could help me if I ever needed anything. Two things that really caught my attention was when Alex congratulated me for being a new homeowner and when I received a phone call (forgot the name but believe it was the owner of the company) and thanked me for doing business with them and hoped that the roll off was helpful, which it very much was. The company itself and everyone I spoke to fully exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be a repeat customer and recommend Nisly Brothers to everyone I know. As a student a Hutchinson Community College who’s graduating in Business Management, with ease, I can say that this company and it’s employees are doing everything right. I have no advice on how you can improve as there are NO flaws in the way you operate. Thank you for providing your service, looking forward to doing business with you in the future.


The Lewis family,

Justin Lee Lewis

You always do great service!

Rian and Christa Swartz

Always great service!! 🙂

Brittany Heinen

“You’re doing a wonderful job.”

Fred Rau

“I think our driver does a good job”

Donna foster

“Thanks for the great service you provide with trash removal and recycling. Always on time and never leave trash in the cart or on the streets. We are happy with the service.”

Elaine pell

Nisly Brothers is a class act. Working with all the receptionist in the office down to their drivers Alex and Earl has been a pleasurable experience. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Thank You

Bob Welch

The driver does a great job, on time and leaves the area clean!

Craig Siebert

Happy to see our recycling efficiently picked up. Having the instructions on the recycle container of what can and can’t be recycled is very helpful.

Becky Damon

You guys are pretty awesome! A couple of times I have been hustling out with my cart to the curb and the driver patiently waited on me!! So kind and thanks for all you guys do!

Hollie Branch

Very good service. Always on time.

Jamie Eberly

“Our driver always takes care of us. Apparently he found a 100 dollar bill in our trash a couple of weeks ago all folded up a taped it in our trash can. I still need to reward him for that. I have chased him down before to ask if he could take something and asked if he could help me load it and he immediately drove to my house to get it.”

Debbie massey

“My driver, Dean, is awesome! We have an auto repair business, so sometimes there is a car in the way – he finds a way to move/dump the bin without bothering me. He always has a smile on his face and is prompt to pick up my trash! Thank you, Dean!”

Paul J Christophel

The service provided to us by Nisly Brothers and their driver Jacob is excellent. The area around our collection vessel is always tidy and free of any spillage. Jacob frequently comes into our business to relay information as well as purchasing a drink. Can’t think of any area for improvement but again we do appreciate your service.

Rod Blasi

“Seriously—–Let me brag about the Nisly Brothers Trash Service. My scatterbrain can never remember the pickup schedule since the city switched to the new company recently. The first THREE pickups with them they ran to my BACKYARD to grab the trash can because I forgot to set it out. Above and beyond! Then today, this is like the third recycle pickup I’ve missed. One of the guys, noticing that I still don’t have my recycle bin set out, STOPS AT MY HOUSE, asks if he can grab it for me and then goes all the way to the backyard again to grab it so I don’t have to. For real! Where is this guys medal?!”


“I just wanted to let you know as a Hesston resident that I am very happy with my waste collection service. Today is trash and recycle day and of course the wind is blowing. As the trash pickup came this morning, there were pieces of trash that escaped from the trash truck because of the wind. The driver got out several times down Lewis Drive to capture the flyaway trash and place it back into the truck. I very much appreciate going the extra mile to keep our city clean. Thank you very much.”

Hesston Resident

“On several occasions I forget to put out my trash and the driver came up to the garage and dumped my cart. Thank you very much for the best service!!”

Anonymous Trash Customer

“These guys have been providing our trash service since we moved to the area almost 12 years ago. We have never had any trouble with them, and they have often gone over and above to make sure we are taken good care of. So glad we were told about them!!!”

“Nisly Brothers have been providing excellent trash service since we moved to Hutchinson!”

Adam Post

“The Nisly Brothers do a great job with our waste disposal. They are always on time, very service oriented and do not hesitate to help when we have special needs arise. I would heartily recommend them to support your business or personal requirements.”

Ruzen Flowers

“Very few businesses these days still believe in making customers feel valued as opposed to making people feel like just another “account” or number. Nisly is one of the few. They have a way of making you feel like you’re special to them and that you’re very valued and appreciated and they go out of their way to accomplish this with everyone they have the pleasure of being in business with. I invite anyone needing services that Nisly offers to give them a try. You’ll see in a very short amount of time that what I’m saying is reality and you’ll never choose anyone else again. 5 star rating without question or hesitation.”

Justin Dunlap

“I got off work early today. As I was pulling into my drive I spotted our trash guy out of the truck picking up a few small pieces of trash that had fallen into the street. Well, we all know that not many trash services will do that. The guy came over to chat and introduced himself as Titus Nisly. He was very courteous, and respectful. I’m very pleased with Nisly Brothers here in Hesston.”

David Koch

“Nisly Brothers is a locally family owned and operated, trash and refuse service that caters to Central and South Central Kansas. Their prices are competitive with Stutzman, a Corporation owned business that hides behind local family name. Give them a try and you will be impressed with their hands on customer service and flexible rates. A business where you can talk to the owner is rare in today’s world, but Nisly is such a company. They want your business and strive to go out of their way to deliver.”

“Excellent Company!! We use them for my employer’s trash service – no problems at all! I have used them personally for port a potty rental! Highly recommend this company!”

Molly Taggart

“We are very happy with the service that we receive. They call or stop by to see if there is any thing we need or have a complaint on so we will stay with them and would recommend them to any one.”

The Smoke Stop LLC

On several occasions I forget to put out my trash and the driver came up to the garage and dumped my cart. Thank you very much for the best service!!

Happy Customer

Nisly Brothers have done all that they said that they would do! Well done!

Mike Weber
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