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Nisly Brothers Reviews


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NISLY BROTHERS REVIEWS benefit all of us. First of all they give you as the customer a chance to tell us how we are doing. That way we can evaluate the quality of our services and improve where needed. Secondly, if you are are new customer, it gives you a chance to evaluate who we are. It enables you to make a better decision for your trash removal needs. In short, your feedback helps us all; it builds community.

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I got off work early today. As I was pulling into my drive I spotted our trash guy out of the truck picking up a few small pieces of trash that had fallen into the street. Well, we all know that not many trash services will do that. The guy came over to chat and introduced himself as Titus Nisly. He was very courteous, and respectful. I’m very pleased with Nisly Brothers here in Hesston.

David Koch Trash Service July 7, 2016

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Happy with the Service

We are very happy with the service that we receive. They call or stop by to see if there is any thing we need or have a complaint on so we will stay with them and would recommend them to any one.

The Smoke Stop LLC Trash Service June 23, 2016

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Excellent Company

Excellent Company!! We use them for my employer’s trash service – no problems at all! I have used them personally for port a potty rental! Highly recommend this company!

Molly Taggart Port a Potty Rental June 21, 2016

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Straight Forward & Honest

Steve Ellingboe is a great sales representative for Nisly, a locally family owned and operated, trash and refuse service that caters to Central and South Central Kansas. Steve’s approach is straight forward and honest, encouraging fellow business owners to support and obtain the services of fellow locally owned business men. Prices are competitive with Stutzman, a Corporation owned business that hides behind local family name. Give them a try and you will be impressed with their hands on customer service and flexible rates. A business where you can talk to the owner is rare in today’s world, but Nisly is such a company. They want your business and strive to go out of their way to deliver.

Curtis Cleveland General June 5, 2016

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Well Done

They have done all that they said that they would do! Well done!

Mike Weber Trash Service May 27, 2016

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Making Customers Feel Valued

Very few businesses these days still believe in making customers feel valued as opposed to making people feel like just another “account” or number. Nisly is one of the few. They have a way of making you feel like you’re special to them and that you’re very valued and appreciated and they go out of their way to accomplish this with everyone they have the pleasure of being in business with. I invite anyone needing services that Nisly offers to give them a try because you’ll see in a very short amount of time that what I’m saying is reality and you’ll never choose anyone else again. 5 star rating without question or hesitation.

Justin Dunlap Trash Serrvice May 26, 2016

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Great Job

The Nisly Brothers do a great job with our waste disposal. They are always on time, very service oriented and do not hesitate to help when we have special needs arise. I would heartily recommend them to support your business or personal requirements.

Ruzen Flowers Trash Service May 26, 2016

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At Nisly Brothers, we strive to do a professional job amidst an occupation that is often viewed as scummy and lower-class. In honor of the company and its founder we uphold honesty and value customer satisfaction. We take pride in what we do and are willing to do much more than dispose of the customer’s trash. Rather we wish to see each of our customers served to the fullest. We are willing to work hard to serve our customers well and keep them happy. A passion for prompt & professional trash services, clean products, total satisfaction, and honesty keeps the business running. To bring cheer where gloom looms is what we are about. If you are looking for trash removal services, the next step is to let us know what you need and we will do the rest.

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