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The Nisly Brothers Trash Service Team


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Meet the Administrative Team

Marvin Nisly
Marvin NislyPresident and CEO

Marvin Nisly is the President and CEO of Nisly Brothers Trash, Inc. He has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of waste management. He and his wife, Rosa, live in rural Hutchinson with two of their seven children. Marvin enjoys grilling in his smoker and playing with his three grandchildren.

Arnold Nisly
Arnold NislyRoute Supervisor

Arnold Nisly is Route Supervisor and is responsible for all route drivers, route planning, and driver training. Arnold also oversees our recycle facility. Arnold keeps morale high in the office with his pranks and constant jokes! Arnold and his wife Judy live in rural Reno County with one of their four children. Arnold enjoys practical jokes and visiting his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren in California.

Harold Nisly
Harold NislyVice President / Maintenance and Roll Off Supervisor

Harold Nisly is Vice President and manages grounds maintenance and roll-off projects. Harold is also a back-up roll-off driver when he’s not busy with special projects. He has been working with waste management since he was a teenager and has quite a few jokes he’s happy to share. He enjoys cracking jokes with his family and experimenting with grilling recipes. He and his wife, Judith, live in rural Partridge with one of their three children.

Our Office Staff

Alisha Nisly
Alisha NislyCustomer Service

Alisha Nisly started working at Nisly Brothers in 2019. She recently graduated from college and has moved back to rural Partridge. She is an office assistant and customer service representative. Alisha enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with her family.

Carol Nisly
Carol NislyMarketing Manager

Carol Nisly started working for Nisly Brothers in 2017. As Harold’s daughter, she grew up around the business and brings great insight to all she does. Carol is Marketing Manager, as well as a customer service representative. She lives with her parents in rural Hutchinson. Carol loves all art, specifically watercolor and hand-lettering. In her spare time, she is often involved in these activities as well as kid’s ministry.

Emily Nisly
Emily NislyCustomer Service

Emily Nisly began working part-time for Nisly Brothers in May 2018. She is Marvin’s daughter and lives with her parents and brother, Jordan in rural Hutchinson. She is an office assistant and customer service representative. Emily enjoys reading, gardening, and organization.

Louise Nisly
Louise NislyTraining Supervisor and Office Manager

Louise Nisly is Harold’s daughter and started working at Nisly Brothers in 2013. Since she grew up in the business, she is a perfect fit in the office. She is the Training Supervisor and Office Manager. Louise lives in Hutchinson and enjoys baking; often bringing delicious pastries or cookies to the shop.

Miriam Miller
Miriam MillerAccounting

Miriam Miller has worked for Nisly Brothers since October 2017. She is Nisly Brothers’ private accountant and has over 15 years of accounting experience. She loves being outdoors, and when the weather is nice, you will find her walking to work. Miriam lives with her husband James in rural Hutchinson. She also enjoys when her grandchildren come over to her house to play.

Our Drivers

Arthur Nisly
Arthur NislyDriver

Arthur Nisly, Marvin’s brother, retired from the mission field in 2016. Upon returning to his home town, Hutchinson, he rejoined the family business. For Arthur and his wife Lil, their greatest joy is helping people through mentoring – both individually and in groups.

Cliff Nisly
Cliff NislyPortable Restroom Service

Cliff Nisly has over 6 years of experience with Nisly Brothers. He services portable restrooms and does a great job. Customers often comment, “These are the cleanest restrooms I’ve ever seen.” Cliff and his wife Sue live in rural Hutchinson. Cliff can often be heard singing and enjoys singing at many different community events.

Darrell Yoder
Darrell YoderCommercial Service Driver

Darrell Yoder has worked for Nisly Brothers since October 2013. He services most of our commercial customers in Hutchinson. Many commercial customers appreciate Darrell and his diligent service. He lives in Yoder with his wife Ruby. He has two adult children, and two grandchildren. He enjoys gardening, with watermelons being one of his specialties.

Dean Knepp
Dean KneppDriver

Dean Knepp has worked for Nisly Brothers since December 2013. Dean’s customers enjoy his ready smile and great sense of humor. He lives in rural Hutchinson with his wife Erma and one of his four children. Dean enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and playing with his six grandchildren.

Earl Weaver
Earl WeaverRolloff Driver

Earl Weaver has worked for Nisly Brothers since 2013 as a rolloff driver.  He has over 25 years of experience and enjoys the challenge of being as efficient as possible. He is very safety-conscience and his favorite phrase is “Tomorrow is your reward for being safe today.”  Rolloff customers love Earl’s dependability and cheerfulness. He lives in rural Reno County with his wife Karey and two of his three children. When Earl isn’t driving a rolloff truck, he’s often running a combine, camping with his family and friends, or attending a local rodeo.

Jacob Nisly
Jacob NislyDriver

Jacob Nisly is Marvin’s son and started working at Nisly Brothers in 2014. Growing up, Jacob often rode along with other drivers on their routes during his summer vacations. He lives in Hutchinson with his wife Ida. Jacob drives a rear load truck in many of our rural areas. Jacob enjoys biking in Hutchinson after work and on weekends.

James Miller
James MillerDelivery Truck Driver

James Miller started working at Nisly Brothers in 2018 and works part-time. He runs our delivery truck routes. He lives in rural Hutchinson with his wife Miriam, who also works in the Nisly Brothers office. In the past, he worked at an auto body shop, and still enjoys fixing up cars when he has time.

Jeff Nisly
Jeff NislyDriver

Jeff Nisly, another of Marvin’s sons, has over 10 years of experience working for Nisly Brothers. Jeff has many fond memories of riding along on trash routes with his uncles and other employees as a child. He now lives in Hutchinson with his wife Ember. Jeff enjoys reading, classical music, and playing his guitar and saxophone

John F. Nisly
John F. NislyContainer Delivery and Removal

John Nisly has worked for Nisly Brothers for over 45 years! He works part-time delivering and removing containers. He lives in Rural Hutchinson with his wife Sarah. He has 5 adult children who all enjoyed riding with him in the truck when he worked full time as a commercial route driver.

John Yoder
John YoderDriver

John Yoder has over 20 years of experience at Nisly Brothers. In the fall of 2015, he returned to the company after serving in Central America with his family as a missionary for several years. He lives in Arlington with his wife Renita and their three children. John enjoys playing with his children and camping.

Jonathan Yoder
Jonathan YoderDriver

Jonathan Yoder has been with the company for over 15 years. He services many residents of our larger contracted cities. He takes good care of our customers and they can count on him on a regular basis! He lives in rural Hutchinson, but has traveled to Europe multiple times. One of his hobbies includes playing Frisbee Golf.

Jordan Nisly
Jordan NislyDriver

Jordan Nisly is Marvin’s son and has grown up in the trash business. He officially started work at Nisly Brothers as a driver in 2015. Jordan’s customers often compliment on his exceptional service, and how hard-working he is. He lives in rural Hutchinson and in his spare time he enjoys spending time with his friends.

Shannon Schoenecker
Shannon SchoeneckerRolloff Driver

Shannon Schoenecker started working at Nisly Brothers in 2019 and has over 8 years of experience in waste management. He is one of our rolloff drivers. He lives in Arlington with his wife and one of their children. When he isn’t at work, he enjoys completing puzzles, model cars, and bowling. Something he has yet to check off his bucket list is seeing the Northern Lights in person.

Tim Taverner
Tim TavernerTrash Route Driver

Tim Taverner started working at Nisly Brothers in 2019. He drives both front load and rear load routes. Tim lives in Hutchinson with his wife Becky and their two dogs, Pumpkin and Phoebe. Something he has yet to check off his bucket list is going to the west coast and visiting the Pacific Ocean.

Titus Nisly
Titus NislyRoute Driver

Titus Nisly has worked for Nisly Brothers for over 40 years and is a cousin to the three owners. Many of his customers know him by name and appreciate his great service. He lives in rural Hutchinson with his wife Marijane. Titus enjoys working on his family farm and reading.

Vince Miller
Vince MillerSubstitute Driver / Special Projects

Vince Miller came to work for Nisly Brothers in August 2016. Vince is a substitute driver and he also helps with special projects around the shop yard. He lives in rural Hutchinson with his wife Ellie and his five children. Vince enjoys 4-wheeling, watching KU basketball, camping, and hiking.

Walter Miller
Walter MillerResidential Route Driver

Walter Miller started working part-time at Nisly Brothers in 2019. On the days that he is not working at Nisly Brothers, he works with his family growing hydroponic tomatoes. He enjoys driving his rural Hutchinson residential route and providing dependable service to his customers. He lives in rural Hutchinson with his wife Frieda.

Our Mechanics

Alex Basoco
Alex BasocoMechanic

Alex Basoco started working at Nisly Brothers in September 2017. He worked as a rolloff driver for over a year, before transitioning to one of our full-time mechanic positions. He lives in Hutchinson with his wife, Kayla and their children Violet and Benjamin. When Alex isn’t entertaining his children, he enjoys golfing with his friends and working on old cars.

Jesse Lilyhorn
Jesse LilyhornMechanic

Jesse Lilyhorn has been our chief mechanic since 2010. He lives in rural Reno County with his wife Sara and their three boys. Jesse enjoys spending time hunting or fishing with his boys. Jesse also enjoys grilling, and often the smells of Jesse’s lunch come wafting through the shop building.

Our Sales Representatives

Merrill Yoder
Merrill YoderSales Representative

Merrill Yoder started working at Nisly Brothers in 2017. He is one of our sales representatives and loves interacting with customers. They appreciate Merrill’s frank and cheerful attitude. He lives in rural Hutchinson with his wife Laura and two of his three children. Merrill likes reading and golfing in his spare time.

Steve Ellingboe
Steve EllingboeSales Representative

Steve Ellingboe has been a sales representative for Nisly Brothers since 2010. Customers enjoy Steve’s helpful insight and laid-back nature. Steve is reliable and willing to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations. He lives in the Hutchinson area with his wife Fran. He enjoys nature and has a heart for animals.

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