Restroom Trailers | The Luxurious Solution for Outdoor Events

Are you planning an outdoor event and frustrated by the portable toilet or sanitation options available to you? When it comes to outdoor events like weddings, banquets, and outdoor concerts, having adequate restroom facilities is crucial for the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. For some events, you may want a bathroom solution that is classier than what traditional portable toilets offer.  This is why we offer our luxury restroom trailers to provide maximum comfort when you have an upscale event or party.

What Are Restroom Trailers?

4 unit luxury retroom trailer for rent in mcpherson kansas

Restroom trailers, also known as portable restroom trailers or luxury restroom trailers, are mobile facilities that provide clean and comfortable restrooms for outdoor weddings, concerts, business events, and more. To provide you with a truly luxurious experience, each restroom trailer offers a toilet, sink with running water, and air conditioning.  Essentially, you get all the benefits of a whole residential-style bathroom wherever you need it.

What Makes A Restroom Trailer Different Than A Standard Portable Toilet?

luxury restroom trailer for rent near iuka kansas

The biggest difference between a standard portable toilet and a restroom trailer is the appearance. At a bare-bones level, they offer the same service. However, we truly believe that a high-class event needs a high-class solution which is why we created beautiful trailer restroom solutions for when you need something that is a step above everyday use.

Benefits of Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers offer tremendous benefits over traditional portable toilets. Some of the benefits are purely based on looks and the way it will make your event “feel.” At the same time, there are other benefits that you will gain from portable restroom trailers that we have listed below.

1. Space

premium luxury restroom trailer for rent near mcpherson kansas

Restroom trailers offer your guests the ability to have a more comfortable space. If we are being honest, our standard portable toilets make for great use in most cases. However, when you need a restroom solution for a wedding,  gala, or prom, a bit more space for movement in the unit is generally required.

2. Hygiene

fancy restroom trailer for rent for busienss events in hutchinson kansas

Our restroom trailers offer the advantage of soap and water with a traditional sink. With a restroom trailer, you can rest assured that your hands are just as clean as if you were using a traditional restroom with soap and water.

3. Comfort

fancy restroom trailer for rent in kansas

Our Standard portable toilets work great at nearly any event or venue. However, some people may find typical portable toilets to be a bit smaller than they had hoped. (For a complete sizing guide, check out our planning guide). If you want to ensure that your guests are comfortable with the temperature and space of your restroom, the portable restroom trailer is the way to go!

4. Appearance

luxury restroom trailers for rent for weddings in central kansas

A restroom trailer does not really look or feel like a portable restroom. It features colors, styles and finishes that are common to residential restrooms.

5. Portability

2 unit fancy restroom trailer rental in south hutchinson

One of the great advantages of using a restroom trailer is its ability to place your restrooms near or far from the event taking place.  On average, the portable toilet is placed 8-10 feet away from the event space. However, so long as you have electrical and water connectivity, you can have your portable restroom placed at nearly any location at the event.

6. Climate Control

We’ve all been to a county fair or church event where they rented a portable toilet, and it was extremely hot in the stall. With our portable restroom trailers, you control the temperature. With the ability to heat or cool the space, your restroom will be totally comfortable no matter what the season.

7. Stereo System

To ensure your guests are comfortable, all of our restroom trailers come equipped with a stereo system. This allows your guests to enjoy a welcoming atmosphere when they use the facilities. Additionally, the soothing music will offer a place for mothers to take their children to calm them down if they become fussy and overwhelmed. 

8. Lighting

We all love it when an all-day event is enjoyed late into the night. However, just because the sun goes down does not mean it should be difficult to find the restroom. To negate this issue, these luxury restrooms come with exterior and interior lighting.

9. Stability

Our restroom trailers come with leveling equipment. This leveling equipment will ensure that your trailer does not bounce around as people enter and exit the restroom.

10. Trash Service

One of the unsung features of a portable restroom is the trash facilities in the unit itself. This feature means you won’t have to see the unsightly trash cans outside where everyone else is enjoying themselves. We feel that this brings the next level of class to your events.

What Sizes Of Restroom Trailers Are Available?

We offer 2 main styles of portable restroom trailers. The double unit and the quad unit.  Each model style fits a different need better, so let us help you pick the best one for your project. 

2 Station Luxury Classic Model

2 unit fancy restroom trailer for rent in reno county kansas

This model supports up to 200 uses and includes both a Men’s and Women’s unit. The men’s side features one toilet, one urinal, and a sink with a mirror, soap, paper towels, and a hidden trash system. The women’s side of the restroom trailers are essentially the same, except it does not include a urinal.

4 Station Premium Luxury Model

luxury restroom trailer for rent near great bend kansas

The four-station model is essentially the same as the 2 station model, just doubled in size. This unit will support up to 940 uses or 400 guests

Frequently Asked Questions About Restroom Trailers

How Much Space Do I Need For My Portable Restroom Trailer? 

luxury restroom trailer for rent at prom in pretty prairie

For a two-station unit, you will need to have a space that is 10’ long by 7’ wide. A four-station unit will need to have a space that is 15’ long and 8’ wide.  This will allow you to have ample space for your restroom trailer so that even in a smaller venue space, you can have enough space. 

Are Fancy Restroom Trailers Worth It?

fancy restroom trailer for rent near stafford ks

It depends on the ambiance you are going for. If you are looking for a high-quality restroom trailer that is luxury, these restrooms are the way to go. However, if you need as many restrooms as possible for a large event, our standard portable restrooms may do the trick just fine. 

What Events Are Restroom Trailers Typically Rented For?

Typically Restroom Trailers are rented for high-class events such as outdoor weddings, proms, or high-end trade shows. However, we are happy to rent you one of our restroom trailers for any kind of event that you are having. We firmly believe that any event can benefit from a touch of luxury.

Can I Drink The Water In A Restroom Trailer?

No. The water is not potable in these restrooms. This means it is safe for washing your hands and flushing but should not be used for drinking. 

Do I Need A Permit For My Portable Restroom Trailer? 

It depends on your location. Many times if you are located in a space that is a private event, there is no reason that you need to have a permit for your portable restroom. However, if you are planning to use your restroom trailer in a public place, it is best to check in with the zoning board where you plan to have the event. 

Is There Anything I Should Not Put In A Restroom Trailer Toilet?

To keep your portable trailer toilet functioning properly only toilet paper should be flushed through the toilet. Listed below are things that should not be flushed. Some of these items may seem quite obvious, while others may be surprising.

Baby Wipes and Diapers

Placing wipes and diapers, even if they are labeled flushable, will cause issues with your restroom trailers. In the best-case scenario, you may get lucky, and nothing will happen. In the worst-case scenario, you could damage the system and render the toilet unusable for the duration of the event.

Feminine Products

Unfortunately, modern plumbing has not been able to keep up with the need for flushable feminine products. Included in that area are the restroom trailers that we have to offer. That being said, if you are using one of our portable restroom trailers, please be sure to place your feminine hygiene products in the provided trash receptacle. 

Paper Towels

Paper towels are an area that seems to be a place where people like to debate whether or not they can go in the toilet. However, in our experience, paper towels fill up the reserve tank and can get stuck in the plumbing. To make the best use of our services, we highly recommend throwing away the paper towels so that your unit can be used with no issues. 

Can I Rent More Than One Luxury Restroom Trailer?

Yes. We have several restroom trailers that are available for rent in the Hutchinson, Kansas area. Whether you need just one for a small backyard wedding or several for a large event, we can get you what you need. 

How Much Do Restroom Trailers Cost To Rent?

There are several factors that go into determining the cost of your rental. Such as how many you are renting, where you are located, and how long you are renting for. Fill out our quote form to get in touch with us and learn how much it will cost you. 

What Are The Alternatives To Luxury Restroom Trailers?

At Nisly Brothers, we offer other alternatives to our luxury restroom trailers if you are on a budget. If you are located in Central Kansas, we offer other options that are guaranteed to be clean and professional.

Elite Units

elite portable restroom for rent near mcpherson kansas

Standard Units

classic portable restroom for rent in central kansas many porta potty available

So When’s The Party?

As you can see at Nisly, we are committed to providing you with the best restroom trailer option possible. We are committed to our desire to “Keep you looking good.” And when the party is over, why not check out dumpster rentals for quick and easy cleanup?